Self Development I


    shahinaz-3d 1.)   Self-DevelopmentCricket bats

Self-development starts with the positive talk in your mind. You start to look at life in more positive view and your start to behave positively in everything.

2.)  Discipline

Discipline involves organization, doing systematic things and not getting bored. It involves rituals and uprightness, positive outcomes and getting steady in all means of life.

3.)  I feel Lazy

If you feel lazy, you are likely to encounter downfall, in terms you will topple down, grab the chance and behave at the moment and getting things done.

4.)  Make Goals

Making goals facilitates finishing your tasks, organizing your brain files, e.g. when you set yourself to schedule finishing reading a manual at about six month, if it is in six parts, when you finish it, your concentration comprehension is complete and gradually while you are reading it, you finish a full task comprehension. By this means you organize your mental files.

5.)  Positive thinking

If you think positive your life will change, e.g. instead of looking to a problem from the negative side, try looking at it from the positive side, like this your life will become greater and you will gradually alter every negative feeling into a positive one.

6.)  Gratitude

Being always in gratitude for all your blessings and those who give you hand, makes you feel at ease and more comfortable and satisfaction-ally happy in yourself. You become to enjoy life more.

7.)  Exercising

If you are the kind of person who is constantly sitting at a desk, surround yourself by sport equipment, like dumbles, or elastic band rope or stepper, so that you use it when you want to move, when you are stagnant or feeling hectic or having body stress.

8.)  Meditation

Try buying meditation cards and practicing every day for 15 or 30 minutes, your mood will ultimately change and you will become smarter.

9.) Creating Value

If, your, thinking input is of value, you start to have more value in your life and others appreciate you more and pay you wellness.

10.)  Controlling your thoughts

Do not think of anything and let your thoughts wonder off into by path, organize your thinking process and have more valuable thoughts, this tip will be the most valuable lesson you get through.

11.) Study Deeply or Deepen Your Knowledge

Studying for 30 minutes or 60 minutes will sharpen your mind, try finding 3 Subjects you are interested in and scrutinize them and study them deeply. You will become smarter and your ideas will be sharp.

12.)   Organize Your Day

Try setting up what you want to do before it by a day, at the end of each day, write what you want to do the next day.

13.)   Be Neat

Being neat makes you feel refreshed and smart in all what you do. This is a master piece tip.

14.)   Surround Yourself with Good People

Try to stay with like-minded people, people better than you, who will make difference in your life. You’ll be more proud of yourself, you area of confidence will grow.

15.)   Get rid of bad people

Stay far away from people who make you feel bad about yourself, they diminish yourself esteem and your mood becomes bad.

16.)   Stay out of your comfort zone

Don’t keep doing the same thing, every day, get yourself to finish or do the tasks you are afraid to do, don’t cease, move; you will feel more happy in yourself. This is one of the hardest things and requires a lot of gut.

17.)   Wealth scheme

Aim for the best in life, imagine yourself being wealthy, this will make you feel happy.

18.)   Be creative not accumulating

Don’t accumulate knowledge for yourself and feel burn, just aim for others and appreciate them, always be creative and helpful.

19.)   Feel happy for others

When someone achieve something good, feel happy for him and congratulate him for his success or his achievement, when you do this, others will appreciate your good spirit.

20.)  Exchange

Exchange in not only money for goods, but when you want to achieve something or study something to master it, you must give it your time.

This is taken from universal law.

21.)   Stop watching T.V.

Stop watching TV, it deteriorates the mind, instead practice yoga, meditate, read and exercise.

22.)  Take care of yourself

If you don’t afford travelling, try saving 3 month salary and choosing economic plan, travelling in a tour or group, it always make you acquainted with people differing from your culture and knowing a lot of unique things.

23.)  Finish what you have begun

Always finish what you start, don’t read the beginning of a book and leave the rest, you will miss a lot. Finalizing your tasks makes ahead and your input increase. Many people don’t follow this.

24.)  Overcome your fear

Fear the fear and do it anyway, when you do all the things you have feared, you will feel good at the end and you will find yourself laughing at your fears and accomplishing the things you were fearing one day.

25.)  Change one habit

E.g. if you don’t read, start by reading comic books and children books. Begin by 10 pages first and increase them gradually, you will start to become an avid reader.

26.)  Leisure time

Do what you love in your spare time, don’t study continuously, you will find yourself into what you love.

27.)  Smile

Smiling makes you feel good, it alters the agony inside you, just try to smile to yourself and at anything that bothers, minimize to a small picture and look at it at the back and laugh.

28.)  Read about Self Improvement

Reading about development books opens for you the field to more good things in your life and makes you have a mindset.

29.)  Get rid of clutter

Organize your closets and all your home stores, get rid of the things you don’t use, this will create space for new things.

30.)  Drink plenty of water

Water removes toxins in your body, as the body is healthy, also your mental health and capability improves.

31.)   Be Patient

Rashness is near to every evil, just quilt and concentrate, you will have wonderful cooking’s and books.

32.)  Put yourself into others shoes

When judging someone, put yourself in his place first, what were you to do, if you were at his place, like that you are passionate about others, a little bit more of empathetic and your circle of friends will widen.

33.)  Listen Carefully

A careful listener is an attentive person who gets all what is said and forms a complete notion. A listener gains much more than a talker and he is more caring.

34.)   Universal Law of attraction

Whatever you say or the more positive you are and the more good you are, will be what you get, the more good you desire, the more quality you will attract.

35.)   Try Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a treatment of many symptoms like airplane phobias, phobias of all kinds, quitting smoking, getting cured from cancer, etc. It makes you feel more positive and confident.

36.)  Practice positive affirmations

Writing a quote, a positive one on a small sticky paper and hanging it on the walls of your office or on the refrigerator or anywhere you retrieve to constantly make you more confident, when you recite to yourself constantly.

37.)  Use Natural Healing cure

Natural healing has a wonderful effect, because it is what you believe in your unconscious and what you believe in makes you feel good and have healthier body.

38.)  Means of communication

It is not a shame that you don’t know something and you ask an authority on it, ask your sister, your boss, your mentor, how can I get out of this, how can I do it better next time, what is the method? Listening well improves your communication and skills and the calmer and cool you are, the better is your communication.

39.)  Love, have fun, give others

The more loving you are the more you give the more rich you are.

Learn to have fun, it is not worth it.

40.)  Try contemplation

Contemplation is enjoying the weather and clutter sound of the leaves, nowadays our engagement in the business world and the jams hinder us to contemplate.

41.)   Journalism

You can always write what you think of daily and what worries you, when you go through it you are more smart and rich positive outcomes and know what you were negative about.

42.)  Forgive others

Holding hatred and resentment to someone, is poison

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