1. Personality

FRom where it originates you think???

Personality is the main functionality of a human being. A personality which lack positive character traits can be lacking and its traits described by negative personality defects.

  1. Lack of communication: this means you are not dynamic with your peers or those who supervise you, either in a school community or a campus.
  2. Lack of Listening: The person may be building bad listening habits by sandwiching his own thoughts, lack of grasping what the speaker say, failure to encode and decode in term interpret.
  3. Lack of confidence: There are people who are, hesitate personalities, influenced by anything, they lack rapport and when they are in a set back or collision with someone or party, they prefer to be enclosed on themselves, simply because they lack trust in themselves, they are week in their speech and feed.

So the result is that they are easily beaten up and then collapse and feel shacked.


  1. Communication: is the denotation of succeeding to connect to a human being or a fellow. It is the listening and connecting people or places. In the relation of business, it means the ability to communicate with higher authority or the ability to delegate and connect with peers. In social life, it is the means of communication between members of society to fulfill duties or intimate relationship.
  2. Listening: is the deciphering of sounds and interpreting them to weave a thought or get the meaning behind a lecture, discussion or someone delivering a note. Listening aim is the retention of ideas and solutions or the dynamics of our brains to retrieve detections and replace it lively or practically to solve a life puzzle or atrocity or acting as a solution to the crisis we are involved in.
  3. Confidence: is a gut notion of believing in whom you are and acting as if you: own it with someone else. Confidence doesn’t mean inevitably to be aggressive or reprimanding one another. It is a set of ideas and notions about myself and believes in others abilities as well as to direct and tone respectively. It is the way of behaving sharply and the wit that expose to the other party that I trust my ideas and feel comfortable in myself and about peoples and situations.


  1. Character traits:

The way you think about yourself and your actions and deeds over-pouring from your deep sense of emotion is going to form your trait nomenclature.

Your trait can describe you as interesting, courageous, philanthropist, honest, loyal, moral, intimate, or it can describe you as dull, idiot, aggressive, cunning, sheeting, disloyal, unethical, greedy, etc.

What you are inwardly in your instinct will become conveyed as a notion and meaning to the other entity you are addressing. The impression we make on a party or a group of people that reach them as a signal character is our trait.

A List of the trait and its’ vice versa:

Loyal # Disloyal

Mature # Immature

Alert # Dull

Smart # Idiot

Moral # Immoral

Connected # Impaired

Reasonable # Illogical

Friendly # Enmity

Courageous # Week

Consistent # Adequate

Believer # Atheist

Philanthropist # Greedy

Interesting # Boring

Dynamic # Dampened

Simple # Complicated

Amiable # Hateful

Truthful # Liar

Flexible # Rigid

Athletic # not-athletic

Honorable # Dishonest

Tactful # disabled

Start adding to this list as much as possible all the traits that you feel it describes you and its’ vice versa.

You can then predict if you are positive or negative.

Negative traits can change if the person wants to; by a therapist help.

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