Alcoholism: The Rise of Alcoholism in Young women.

  1. Introduction and Definition   

Alcoholism is a comprehensive meaning for the use of alcohol, which refers to alcohol addiction, which is the addiction and severe consumption of alcoholic beverages. It affects the health of the drinker and his social stance in jigsaw of society.

The medicine interpret it as an addictive illness. Alcohol defects is that it affects the brain, usually cause yellow spots and holes and affect the white matter of the brain.

Usually people subjected to alcohol when they make scan on their brain they find it yellow. Alcohol misuse can damage the brain and nearly every organ in the body. Also the alcohol abuse can cause both medical and psychiatric problems.

2. What happens when the young individual consume alcohol?

Alcohol is the follow of desire. That’s why the six fatals namely (pride, greed, envy, anger, lust), get awakened and erupt when consuming a large amount of alcohol.

When consuming alcohol, a black covering is created around the body, mind and intellect and the individual goes immediately under the control of mantrik (as a subtle sorcerer).

Due to illusion creating and enticing compounds in alcohol. The individual is triggered to use alcohol by unconscious autonomy of the habit. Waves of distress domineer and charge the individual.

3. Effects of Consuming Alcohol.

A. Alcohol infects the stomach with Peptic Ulcer.

Alcohol absorbs moisture from an object. Thus cause inflammation when alcohol comes in contact with any part of the body, it causes burning tact. Thus we can realize its harmful effect on the lining of the stomach and secreted bile.

B. Alcohol reacts with the blood 4000 times faster than sweets and salts do.

Usually the person body becomes numb upon consumption of alcohol. The touch of one’s own hand feel extraordinary. Alcohol mixes with the blood 4000 times faster than sugar and salt, it is absorbed in the blood faster than oxygen and carbon dioxide.

C. Other effects on the body

  • Numbness is generated.
  • Affects the nervous system.
  • Eyes can’t tolerate bright light.
  • Chakra ‘s become stressed.
  • Memory swifts to old memories.

4. Today’s young generation has become a victim of alcohol usage and other addictions!

It was found out that students in schools and colleges who are addicted to alcohol are also suffering from adulatory and sexual diseases at a very young age. A large number of criminals are also found to be addicts. Particularly homeless wanderers and murderers are alcoholic. An addict can’t discriminate and his ability to reason right from wrong is influenced. An addict intellect become completely distorted. Sin, abuse and bad conduct invade the mind of an individual via alcohol. Innocent humans are not rid of their attacks.


The only solution is awareness and awakening in the society, overcome the feeling, surpass obstacles.



  1. Rehab
  2. Alcoholic Therapy Clinic
  3. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism ”NIH”

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