This website is copyright(C)2014-2017 shahinaz.oelramly, no copy or deform is licensed.

ESSDS Further education  Studies is a professional development and personal enrichment program. We do not offer certifications or degrees. Those who want certificates and accreditions may consult German university in Cairo or AUC, etcetra

The course material is a book business intelligence, Educology, Edupreneurship 101, Self Development, Management, Art,  and is written by the author year 2012 and editions made year 2014 – 2016.

The course is called Leadapreneur-ship 101 and all copyright is reserved.

In-order to attend this course, you should have a decent manner and internet protocol.

This site is an online tutoring and aimed to deliver a course in English language, it is to provide useful information about entrepreneurship, in means of empowering and establishing business and for those who want to know how to lead.

Notice if you buy a course it will take 5 days or min.3 days to upload and then after we will send you a link and password to study online. So after payment there are five days waiting time and you can ask for no refund because it is already mentioned in the policy.
It is not to provide medical advice or certified course, its only aim is to train you, you will obtain a training certificate that you attended this course and no more.

If  you are not satisfied from the course your money is 100% back guarantee after the first 2 weeks!

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