Why we are never content

view-1503352 1. Why are Human Beings never content?

Human beings have needs and they always look for what they want, never what they have, rarely.

The quest that we propose does this arise of greed or ambition?

Human beings search for things and possessions they don’t have, either you find someone ignoring all what he has and searching for the things he can’t reach or doesn’t owe, or someone having and not asking for more.

The thing also is that there are nerdy beings; they are not testifying they have something at the first place.

Throughout Human History, the question was can we live a content life.

Give someone, work, property and luxury and still you can find him ask for more.

Even if you have all what you dreamt of, you would still dream for more, so is it in our vessels that we always search for more and never get satisfied.

  1. What is the core of our wanting, the truth?

The truth is that nature has made a setup for us that we always have to change, ask for variance, this means when we have s.th. We have to ask for another in return.


2. Comparing with others

Comparing ourselves to others is the evil of all things, we tend to look for things that others have and this is beyond our financial, emotional, social and intellectual, which could be real harm to the self and to the society we are living in.

We should testify to ourselves that we have a budget and limits not to surpass.

Because every human being has been destined with something he has, in other means each person has an inner capacity or capability which differs from the other. So what is suitable for you is not suitable for me at all times.

3. Curiosity

Human Beings are born curious, they are always interested in their fellow beings and are always seeking objects, they like to discover and owe things they like, and this is something in their innate nature.

4. Ambition

Human Beings are always looking for betterment; they seek the best that is the story of first man visit to the moon. That’s why we achieved a lot, without this ambient notion; we would have been always behind.

5. The need for change

We are always seeking for things to owe, e.g. a new gadget makes us happy for a while and then we seek something else, and this seeking change has transplanted dis-satisfaction within us that we grew wanting more.

6.Pleasing Others

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