11 Commandments of Rapid Learning

  1. Make your own Research via strong key words, sentences or phrases.
  2. Don’t think you are hurdled to write it, the more you think of the ideas you compiled, you will reach up.
  3. If you feel drown about it you will not learn or perform or write.
  4. Make thought patterns and ideation and expand with whatever comes to Mind.
  5. Just Label and know what to print.
  6. Collect Matrix  – To Understand something to teach it or write about it you need to create your own story board about it and relate to activate it.
  7. Failure is not an end; it is the first brick or step.
  8. To retain something in your memory or memorize it you must use repetition or recurrence procedure; this is called recursive memory!
  9. You have to be in a calm place to concentrate and not to sandwich your own thoughts! Any sounds or doodles or rambles!
  10. If you want to learn new things you must try it or else you will not be able to learn it!
  11. You must respect your environment because after 15 minutes you start to lose energy, so use the rest Time for pomodoro technique, snack, music and this will be 10 minutes breaks or more less! Because if you did not and force f yourself to study or concentrate the blips overlap and you start loosing control over your brain.

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