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Overcome Learning Barriers to Uncover Your Hidden Potential

Acclaimed by Credly for Courses Interpretation Self Development, Scientific, Technical, AI, IT, Medical, Technology, which proves my Experience Er


THE BUSINESS AND ART OF Creating a Ground-Breaking Beauty Product

ESSDScom’s future mission is to provide quality and effective solutions, D-edge and D-acor solutions for a 21st-century education, helping peole who enroll to shahinazs’school to help them study stem and get certified, these 3 diplomas will help you to prepare for stem education, furthermore; teach people to empower, self develop, become leader-entrepreneur and business-oriented, besides creating their own models, and sustain training needs. ESSDS thrives for providing information upgrades to assist people to interleave, Know their potentialities, achieve excellence, self develop, it provides based learning and growth, provides training, marketing, management, and leadership, and teach you how to create a business as a means of becoming your own boss managing your information and using your experience, becoming financially intelligent and investing on your business. We create Single-subject courses and course packages. The Courses Packages is our program Breakthrough and you can just take a single course in the Breakthrough program. But the application is separate and automaticity of knowledge is actual. ESSDS uses applications of revelation and voice-over combined with self-progress to provide training, evaluation, and help you invest and get certified. ESSDS presents educational programs in the form of DVDs and books, which you order directly through create space or receive via Aramex, FedEx, etc.

Realizing in her/his effort to learn only by herself, Shahinaz’s brief confession and deep aura make her a person who loves to devote himself/herself to education. She believes she benefit from everything she/he just learns by herself and she created ESSDS to inspire others to do very meticulous science they could read through her inception courses and insidious know how. What is beautiful has something in my personality that I teach him/her to treat and let him/her keep his mind red and learn, he remains passionate and does something useful and loves it.

I can help you achieve your business services and become the person you always imagine, I help people who want to achieve results but are not confident enough to step forward, I help people who want to discover their potential, I help people who want to reach excellence, I help people who want to launch their business idea, I help people who want to have the core mindsets for business, I help people who want to be the optimum virgin of themselves. To sum up: I help people who want to plasticize and interleave and have a business entity.

There is something unique about each program I sell because all my programs are one but levels.


Teach Your Old Brain New Tricks






World-Class courses taught pedagogically online.  The Circle of the Adages. Advanced Business Education Program

This mentorship program classes are taught online and the platform of ESSDS allows you to study in an organized style, Once you enroll in the Advanced Business Education program, you will be able to view it for one month entirely, if you enroll in entire courses you will have a membership to view all the courses for 3 months, after the 3 months, if you want to learn deeper you have to re-enroll. You will improve your interior work out then move to a version of yourself where you become a better version of yourself. If you trust the tutorials and do the workout, I assure you you will interleave.

This Programme Multiple virtual course series is heuristic, enabling the person to learn something about themselves inspiration, deep-talent!

Excellence, Development, Arts, and Humanities View All


Psychology 101 

Discover your mind, how to use different parts of your brain to learn better and how to

master your thoughts and act as a spinning thinker who is not influenced by any setbacks or traps.

Business View All

Excellence & Business Awareness through Leadership Program-me

A course in Leadership and Business Awareness in Gaining potential
 for online Economy and Business

Adaptimize your Business skills to suit your 
mindset and build an awareness gut of

how to influence yourself and others. Think strategically,
 learn communication, create your road map.

Marketing Mix and OB 

A course in Marketing in gaining potential about Branding
 and Re-branding and entire Marketing Strategies.

This course is worth $5000


Business Development

Use a Legacy to create a successful outcome and become a brand identity,

learn about the secrets of education, content writing and 
intuitive definitions and Formulas of success,

adaptive curves, etc. 

Language View All 

Nadz Editing

A course in Lexicons and meanings of words Learn the art of Language 
and grammar science in a simple method,

editing, and know how it is very easy to use diction, grammar, and vocab, etc.

This course is worth $5000

Pillars of Success


The intuitive tutorial delves deep to intuit any person to love art even if he doesn't. 
The tutorials will teach

techniques you don't use and let you improve your 
mind patterns and replace the old mindset patterns-!

Collage of deep experience involving strategies
 and power or productivity.

Mind Power for Business

Strategic scheme and Mind Power
Skill share result
Top Rank

This course is worth $5000  


WIZ IQ Taught on Wiz IQ helped rural development Leaders and some students in the faculty of engineering by inspiring them about leadership.

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For the Entire Programs

The Course is just a single Check Pay once for All


What You Get:

  • Private member portal with lifetime access
  • Permanent streaming access to all course videos (over 5+ hours of instruction)
  •  downloadable workbook – video – book


What You Will Learn:

E-Business Blueprint is a 3 months online Program. There are 3 Major Courses in total, with each Course consisting of several Modules HD, High-Quality Videos, and Live Streaming. You will get access to a new single module each month, in order to help you best digest all the material covered at a steady pace. Digital Courses to help you grow and achieve your Business Goals and become a leader.

  • COURSE 1-Excellence and Business Awareness-”Leadership”- Novice Diploma: Get acquainted with your own self, how to influence yourself and lead others to let them influence, know the basics of Marketing, Edupreneurship, become Edupreneur and Launch your Business, A handcrafted written Leadership in the form of tutorial Prezi, A handcrafted written Edupreneurship in the form of Prezi, Summary of Marketing epitome and OB in other means Dedge solutions. Self Development Mindset from the deep acumen of the author, experience of 10 years writing.
  • COURSE 2- BIZ Development and Productivity- Beginner Advanced Diploma-: 4 techniques detailed videos with unique Mindset to help you personally develop a deeper emotional connection and depth knowledge of who you are, so that you can feel your talent and other videos help you to master your psychology and become verbal, parsing, and lingual. A handcrafted written Psychology Tutorial, intuition, and inspiration. Language Learning, Applications, Quality Education and English Lessons.
  • STEM is well-suited to adult learning in this regard, as hands-on experimentation and trials which will allow you to make scientific ideas practical and aligning in everyday life. Adults also need flexibility in their learning to fit new courses intertwixing in their engaging lives., so that’s why Biz is a step of studying Business writing, Academic English language and becoming verbal in that you learn the language and science and know how Automation Intelligence. 
  • COURSE 3- Jewelry Diploma the Pillars of Success ”Talent, Fitness and Strategic Scheme of Productivity”- Proficient Diploma-: Learn how you can overcome your struggle with Art, Learn Techniques that can help you to incubate, intuit, invent and build a heuristic journey of your own patents- Powerful Learning tools for learning skill habits and strategic innovation program-me all in all-! STEM teaching you will be integrating and applying science, technology, engineering, and science. This produces real-world, meaningful visual cues learning for students. … Build their ability to develop thinking, interleave to a new stage, reasoning, investigative, intuitive and creative skills so they can function and thrive in our highly technological world through application of AI skills they will learn perse.

The whole module develops your intelligence, has a performance appraisal Business Contract that you will create for yourself,  let you influence yourself to get out the optimum of yourself, while you struggle, you can start learning and incubating at the same time. It is a strategic mindset that will help you step by step, so you must wait for your efforts and learn slowly. Something like a cubical mindset. The duration of the course is 8 weeks, 1 hour a day or less.

Learn and Interleave and Grow

Who is me and what is Breakthrough E-Business School Course Programme??

Join me in Breakthrough Mastermind



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Enroll in three Diplomas

Breakthrough Mastermind



Shahinaz will help you to accomplish more towards your goals than just the mere goals you accomplished and don’t add up. The program is wonderful, highly recommended!”

If you have to limit yourself to one directory or institue you learn in or even don’t learn, this would be a limiting belief. Notice ESSDS will shift your mindset In just 6 months, I wrote quadruple of the mind and the ideas in breakthrough helped to reach a mindset for educating myself, be what I am today and manage my finance.

I’ve programs of , I think at slightest 3, I tune in each day, I’ve rehashed the programs over and over, Life is extreme but I must say, Regular programs allow me heading, inspiration, and affirmation that I’m on the proper track. Much obliged, Shahinaz!”

Be the aspired Eduprendur you want to become ”A sample

Start with Diamond

Excellence and Business Awareness through Leadership EB-z1

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