The Art of Work and Completion

Today I have two hacks Anthony Robbins is going to share posts about Productivity and Brendon Bruchard videos on you tube are in queue.


Productivity is Action

Start your day by productivity, list the projects you want to implement, what do you want for these project as of drafts, drawings, typing, inserting images. Put yourself in the mode of implementation and start.

You will find it arduous when you start and work, but when you complete your project will come to life.

Create a To Do List

create a list of the things and projects you want to accomplish on the run on of the week, you don’t have to finish all the project at once, you can take holidays Friday and Saturday, it depends on the length of your projects, a minimum project takes five days, if you are working parallel on other things as well.

How to prepare yourself?

You will be engaged during the day with food, errands and hygiene and so, so set a time to start working and closing the door of your office or room.

Once you start, minimize distraction and focus, focus is the secret of production.

What is Accomplishment?

Accomplishment is finishing what you carve, what you prepared, so that images come to real life and you witness your project life, as a book you  invented and you purchase it as a vendor, or a drawing you implemented and you sell it in a store or display it in an exhibition, whatever, this is the completion stage.

Take a Time to Review

Take a time to review what you accomplished and time to scrutinize and see for yourself if you want to make improvements or editing or extended version of your work. Take time to reflect and creating uniqueness or elite.

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