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One of the reasons I have a website is because of my commitment to using technology in ways that are innovative pedagogically useful methods. In my  online classes using videos, blog and tweet to keep the conversation going outside ESSDS hours.  Also create interactive books and visual narratives to help me think about different ways of presenting and sharing knowledge in the 21st century.



I created around 55 posts and 14 blogs and intelligent tutorials in Art. I post this on social media and I find huge statistics of IT, Project Managers, Ambassadors and Higher authorities views. I have max views of 85 viewer on Linkedin. I have likes and comments quite moderate.

I created other Blog posts on Hostmarkaz that were liked by 1000s of people.

I created 2 blog websites on children education ‘ Cothunder ‘ and Scientia ‘Art’.


I created Posts tips tutorials as a social media content on Twitter, Linked-in, Facebook and Instagram.

I have viewers and a humble likes and huge statistics views for that.


I created an online you tube channel of 280 video tutorial on online education.

Online courses are hosted, take 10 members a month.

I use metrics as monkey surveys.


In consideration that some people say according to research I did that books should not be expensive, I created electronic books on kindle, audible books for humble prices.


I created DVDs for my Book The 21st Century Edupreneurship 101 as a play book in Training system Menu on ESSDS.


Online Courses:

Online Courses is on Thinkifc, Shahinaz’s School. Upgraded to Thinkific.

Guide on viewing online Courses on devices.

-Watching from a Lap top or Desk top, use original link and pass and don’t give access to others who did not pay fees or breach laws.

-Watching from Android, I-Phone, Kindle, Apple or Galaxy, use original application for each platform, download your application from play store, ordinary mobiles are limited in view and create virus and not an option for studying online.



At starting my business I designed Education websites for all ages.

Osheenelramly ‘cothunderchildren’


Arts Scientia arrtsshahnaz


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