Always trust your intuition and it will lead you to the right path and the goals you want to achieve through application of your intuition to your experience and core knowledge extensively.

When you hear this little voice inside you, dictating you, you should write immediately in your agenda or journal.

This is your intuitive gut, it summons you to the truth and it emerges from in-depth knowledge and accumulation, don’t confuse it.

Intuition plus common sense

When you have intuition and common sense, you behave wisely.

So knowledge and common sense must always be part of your intuition process.

Promise yourself from now that you will always listen to the intuitive voice inside you.


Advanced Intuition

It is your empathy and religion knowledge. Religions makes you aloof with your spirit, and discover, which means you connect with high divinity, connecting your past and foreseeing what you want to do in future and your soul path.

It is your intuitive reading and hypnotherapy.


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