Shahinaz is an excellent public speaker, this is apparently obvious from her online channel and you tube tutorials,  about 250 tutorials and much more, Also she lectured before Brain Maps and it was very successful.

In lecturing Brain Maps to 10 attendees, she brain stormed and got out the best of ideas on an inspirational Brain Map Large chart on White Board, which was an expansion of the thoughts that occurred for each one about opinions and benefits and cost estimates and lectured in an intuitive way. She was able to guide 10 people to the most expanded career opportunities through a guide plan session.

Shahinaz welcomes the opportunity to work with you on one o one Coaching sessions and Online seminars and public speaking sessions.

Shahinaz can be your only mentor and take you one step by step through to tap inside and get the best out of you and guide you to further outcomes and steps in your life.

If you feel you are not on the right track and need a mentor to consult and lead you through a guide plan to adjust your business and launch online, this could be Shahinaz El Ramly.

So contact Shahinaz @ to book your coaching session.

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