Welcome with you at Shahinaz El Ramly ESSDSCOM.NET shop and training system, you can order any of the Books or available CD Roms from create space shop menu and training system menu or through contacting me at


Our products are for interleaving, creating a smarter mindset, managing yourself, plasticity, becoming an edupreneur, managing yourself, creating your intelligence and human socialization, gaining perception, becoming an avid reader, becoming an influencer, managing your psychology, learning about marketing skills and mastering the know how of hacking terminology .

The available training system now is The 21st Century Edupreneurship 101 DVD, it is an audible book recorded by anchoring voice.

The world is witnessing fast technology and the one who does not read or interleave, become stagnant, your ideal thing to do for improving your brain is reading and educating your mind. But not just so implementing what you learn and applying the knowledge.

Our aim is to learn to apply, not just become a learner. So others say this fellow learn, but does not apply. Right!

I will make available more audible DVDs training system, when I am done they will be announced on the training system menu page.


Just pick up what is convenient to you and start learning.

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Shahinaz El Ramly



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