Rituals and Their Role in Life

All youth have everything. Youth who are luxurious and live happy life, yet they behave awkwardly, and in spite they earn a lot and have favorite friends. They also camp and go on vacation with their friends. Yet they don’t care about Rituals.

Some people are sisters and brothers, yet each one of them differ than the other. Some of them are fulfilled and some of them are not yet fulfilled. Yet the fulfilled ones don’t look to help the unfulfilled ones, they are spendthrift on things that are lusts, but don’t care to help their brother who is in a need help situation, or they don’t care to get in touch with their sister or brother if they have no connection, there are a lot of families like that. The sisters and brothers were breaded in one home and they all got the same situation, yet they don’t love each other, because of a lack of comprehension of their mentalities and in which way they could agree or go out together and have fun due to their commonalities that they ignore.

Some people say that we should support our parents, but always one child is lied at since childhood and don’t receive any credit for outgoing or travelling because the mother and father, just decided he will be their obedient child.

Sometimes parents misunderstand maternity, father hood, mother hood, in its own original nature and smart tactics.

What I want to say is that sister and brothers are not truly on well shape with each other and they tend to extend a hand to the stranger then to their relatives.

Also, Family rituals are not right, the rituals within the family, the science of achievement and behavior.

This retreats to the ignorance of the mother and father at core and their failure to moderate among their children.

It is not an ashamed ignorance, but the environment or the old stage they lived in and the circumstances and what they inherited.

So; in deep outlook, and weighing the evidence, you have to know that when someone needs aid financially or spiritually, you have to support him and just bequeath your old habits of thinking and creeds because this will shape the person culture and future.

So; if you have someone in your family who is struggling financially and spiritually, go ahead and lend him real help, this will enliven him and also if he got richer and knowledgeable he may enliven you with things you did not expect form any one before.

Life is a whirl pool and not all people drown, may be you left one behind and you will have a crisis one day, you will not find someone who stand beside you, like you deprived your needy brother.

We must think about rituals, dealing with people, or people 101 and improve our muscle, because we don’t want to appear foolish when we are old.



Shahinaz El ramly is writer of Leadership and Business Awareness, Artifact Ghesmate Ligature, Intelligence and Developmental, My Life Self Improvement, Self Development 101 and she is a primer in modern psychology.

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