Optimal Performance

Being alone for several years and starting my private work, has made me discover that I have elite performance, and with continuous education I can reach my op-team.


I found that optimal performance is achieved through discipline, ethics and toleration or submission to god and bearing hardships.


It is not easy for someone who does not have an inner love for learning, but learning can come at any age because the mind is plastic. This means when I listen to information and practice and solve this change my mind.


Optimal performance is identifying your core passion, your talents, your skills and coming to an anecdote about it.

It is when you learn to focus on learning for example chi gong or ta-chi. E.G. Many people know that meditation can swift their negative thoughts to positive thoughts and intuition but they don’t practice, they stick to the bad habits and indulge in the euphoria of their thinking in spite they know that by jumping and practicing they will relax and know new clues.


Learn about the Johari Method

It is important for a Business man, a student, Instructors, and employees to learn this method.

  • It is useful tool for self understanding and self awareness and personnel growth.
  • It also can be used to discover your strengths, blind spots and areas to explore.
  • Works best in High trust environment


Shahinaz El ramly is writer of Leadership and Business AwarenessArtifact Ghesmate LigatureIntelligence and Developmental, My Life Self ImprovementSelf Development 101and she is a primer in modern psychology.

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