Lesson B: You have a Talent

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Shahinaz ElramlyI am B.A. English and Second French, I used my literary Knowledge and Experience in culture and literary art and combined it with writing across a number of genres. I used the 21st century Knowledge because it reflects the coming era, so I focus on these things as a matter of intelligence and skepticism. I became an Edupreneur educational Body through my kdp trust ship!~

Talent is in every one of us, when we notice ourselves when we were kids, even if we did not know how to draw, this is because we did not have reference to the techniques in our mind, when we started growing up, we learnt to enhance our drawing and upgrade them, some of us did not become good artist, because they did not used their patience in mimicking and memorizing a shape. When you mimic a lot and draw patiently fine lines, you will come to succeed in implementing any drawing even from nature.

Drawing 1: Draw from reality

Drawing from reality, realize the contours, yes you can.

Drawing 2: How I came to draw

When I wanted to improve my drawing, I rendered sketches and copied drawings from my United Kingdom Dictionaries, I remember I had a very nice dictionary, through which I could draw skate boarding, all kinds of pins and shoes, Lunars and cosmos, Cartoons, and bags, etc.

And yep I did it and my art became fine art.

Drawing 3

Yes you can Draw a Real Profile of a person, You can make something great out of reality.

Just step into the body and start visualizing so that images come to real life.

Drawing 4

Start to draw Animals, When you notice you can notice their features and shading and hair style on face curves and wagons.

Drawing 5

Drawing needs patience, your patience to implement this drawing shows you are talented already.

Drawing 6

Do you love nature, do you want to scrutinize and anatomize a tulip by drawing it, yes you can do it.

This material is copyright c Shahinaz Elramly, shahinaz has put forth in this tutorial her deep experience in her journey to drawing, this material is not to be duplicated, replicated or deformed.


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