pokemon-1515415 1. Intuition 101

We all heard stories about people who had sixth sense which is the voice of higher wisdom. These people might hear their unconscious aloud in a thinking voice informing them that someone died and in reality it got to be true.

Or they might hear rhyming words and it turns out to be a lyric or short poem. This is intuition.

In these pages you need to know how to sharpen your wisdom.

Being intuitive is listening to your soul wisdom or higher self whether positive or negative.

Positive: to become an author or a scientist, whatever. Negative: to prevent something bad from happening or being introspective on the issue.

Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. ‘’shared from the online free Dictionary’’

We all have certain feelings or little voice inside us that guide us through.

Sometimes we think of something and it gets to be true, this is the little voice inside us which is the intuitive voice.

We all have this voice, but not all of us are intuits.

Intuition is a matter of doing what you love, trying to reach through, calmness, empathy and purity in thinking.

When you see through yourself, try hard to achieve what you are seeking through trials and errors ‘TEFCAS’, you will get what you want to intuit instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

To tap into intuition, you need to quite yourself. Listen to your higher soul in a quiet place. Try sitting in a posture practicing yoga or meditation for 15 minutes every day.

One of the big secrets also is love.

670px-Follow-Your-Intuition-Step-52. The Head ‘’Mental Awareness’’

Notes Extract from the Ultimate Mind Mapping book by Tony Buzan:

If you want to access both sides of your brain, at the left you think of logic and speech, and at the right form your special, kin-esthetic, auditory and gestalt.

We must think, exercise and create.

We think left and right, if we concentrate on one area, the other will reckon.


Cerebrum hemisphere right and left, the cerebrum propagates in all our brain, it is the white and grey matter and forms our thoughts and visionary.


We have a long term memory and a short term memory.

Thinking Process and Synergy

Our thinking process is synergetic, that means, thoughts in and thoughts out. Our bodies are entitled to move, exercise, think and create








T   E   F   C   A   S Each letter stand for one word in accordance.

The modern and normal way of thinking is TEFCAS. We choose our way of thinking, whether we dwell on bad emotions or make our life smart and heaven.

In creating a human being like you, it will cost billions of dollars, you are so valuable.

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