How to Control Your Body and Mind



Exercising daily is an efficient interleave for the brain, rejuvenation of the cells and lymphatic system. If you exercise your body, sure your body system and physique will improve and you will gain energy and heightened levels.


Eat food that is rich in minerals, unsaturated fats, fibers and juice. Fat is essential for building your body, so don’t eliminate it, eat greens like Broccoli, Beans, Vegetables.

Eat nuts like 15 nut a day, no more because if you eat a large quantity, this might expose you to Euric acid. Everything can be adjusted by consumption balance, if you don’t eat by consumption you are an exposure to cancer and disease.


If you are a beginner start by push ups, sit ups and pulls ups, if you extend this level, try low impact, intermediate and cardio workouts, this will make you unique and have a good ritual that is better than any one else.

Avoid comfort zone

Take the stairs, walk around the city, track in the club, exposure to the sun make you rich in vitamin D, Less Vitamin D makes your bones ail and you are an exposure to bones weakness.

Avoid Acid

Avoid acidity, acid burn the immune and makes you feel like you want to vomit, and render expulsion of food from the stomach to the larynx, so avoid the acid in your food regime.

Try to squeeze one lemon in water or any suitable intake you take.


Take hot water with honey bee in the morning, have word incantation and do breath exercise, always oxygen opens the air sacs and make you breath better and make your mind smart, try to oxygenate your blood.

Self Improvement

If your chatter box is not leading you, listen to programming cds, they alter your chatter box and make you think smarter and behave smarter. Try NLP.

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A Neat Mind set on a Clear wax slab

What is a neat mindset, it is simply call rituals, your rituals. Did you ever sit with yourself to plan a Tip book.

Do you have tips about rituals,

Just go ahead, write, the words will come to print, It is about brain storming rather than lamenting.

Do you boost your mind,

Do you take courses that upgrade your intelligence level???

DO you feel others’ skill might add to you??

If you feel that someone you benefit from makes you happy,

Then most probably you need to ask for a consultation with that person.

There is no hesitance to this because if you did that,

You will leap in intelligence scope areas.

So if you want to leap and hover high, you have to seek help and become literate about what you don’t know.

Life offers the bold and serendipitous and those who want to improve themselves.

Grab chances because if you want grab them, you might never catch them.

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