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Self Development / Business

I created a lot of posts about Self development and Business out of my deep experience that could make you leap and change your mindset and discover things about your latent power!

I have a unique mindset and turned this mindset into Blogs, Posts, Books that could help my clients to leap and shift their thinking to delta and reach a climax from their potential power!

I have a unique simple yet complex language which is easy to comprehend, I created these post for teen Age, Adults, Youth and Old people!

No matter your age you can learn, learning when you are young, you can acquire a lot because the mind has boxes and build loops that help you shape your experience and acquire and learn new things and store!

If you are Youth, then this is the best age for learning and creating your own business and succeeding in your career!

If you are Old, it is never too old to learn or cease working, working is life and stagnant is death!


Guide Me


Shahinaz El Ramly also created courses and books in Business and Self Development if you want to learn in a right way, I mean you always need to learn, no matter your level, you need to build a mindset. These Books and Courses will help you to start up if you are struggling and will help you run a system, strengthen and know what plans you want to set for yourself on a deeper level for long term. It will make you interleave or in other means plasticize.


Happy Learning,

With success,


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