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A World Class courses taught pedagogically online.  The Circle of the Adages.

This mentor ship program classes is taught online and the platform of ESSDS allows you to study in an organized style, Once you enroll in a program, you will be able to view it for one month entirely, if you enroll in entire courses you will have a membership to view all the courses for 1 year. You will improve your interior work out then move to a version of yourself where you become a better version of yourself. If you trust the tutorials and do the workout, I assure you you will interleave.

Arts and Humanities View All

Psychology 101

Art Course


Business View All

Leadership and Business Awareness

A course in Leadership and Business Awareness in Gaining potential for online Economy and Business

Marketing Mix and OB 

A course in Marketing in gaining potential about Branding and Re-branding and entire Marketing Strategies.


Language View All

English Words and Meanings [Letter A-B-C]

A course in Lexicons and meanings of words


Self Development View All

21st Century Education

An Artifact about self development and gaining potential for Business and economic strength

Foundation of Success

Collage in Psychology, English Language Editing skills, Grammar and Poetry Science Mastery, Starting Business and Gaining skills for becoming an online or competitive Businesses.


N.B. Just if you are interested in a solo course click one of the above links according to your favorable and make one payment.


For the Entire Programs

APPLY TO English Language for Writing and Business and Self Development Program EBD-Business Start with $29.98 only for silver Program then pay $28.89 each month to reach diamond membership – EBD Shahinaz El Ramly ESSDS E-School 

Learn and Interleave and Grow

The one who does not learn continuously does not succeed
PAY $ 28.89 Billed monthly for 6 month
Your first payment is $29.98 for the first month
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