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  •  Business 101 course represented in Business intelligence and Introduction to Business online.

Course Details:

Leadership &Business awareness:

1. Module 1: Achieving Excellence
The course talks about reaching excellence, latent powers, how to innovate, how to improve yourself, and solutions.

2. Module 2: Leadership
The course talks about methods to learn: communication skills, how to lead, the meaning of leadership, inspiring methods.

3. Module 3: Managing
The course talks about the meaning of managing and to manage, and what is the aim of a CEO, are people naturally rich, what does people need at work environment, etc.

4. Module 4: Coaching
This is a module that teaches you coaching in simple methods, tune in inspire you.

5. Module 5: Managing Projects
This course teaches you how to run projects and tune in to give you tactics about running consultancy services.

6. Module 6: Strategic Thinking
It gives you a smart mindset of strategies, and tune in to make you empower.

7. Module 7:Youlogy

It talks about achievers and wasters and potential and tapping in.

8. Module 8: Wealthology:

It talks about Money Lessons, Formula, increasing wealth, know how.

9. Module 10: Webanomic Module and Wealthology Know How

It takes about methods of creating wealth on the web, inspirational ideas to set business.

10.Module 11: Eulogy

It reveals secrets for writing curriculum vitas, and the modern way to advertise yourself and much more.

12. Module 12: Wealthology / Case Studies


In addition to:

Crash Course in Online Business Tutoring

How to setup your online business website.

It is a method for designing a website without any technical study.

The course is Bilingual in Arabic and English Languages.


About the Author of the course:

My experience in Administration and My enhanced readings in self development and culture beside my accumulated experience and special training courses enabled me to create this course.

I worked so hard in it, it took 24 hours a day.

This course is prepared by Shahinaz O.Elramly who attended training courses in Leadership and business fundamentals, she is also a webpreneur and Teacher-preneur. She is graduated from ex.American college R.C.G. and has B.A. in English and as second French. Experience 9 years in Administration, Quality assurance, Human resources and Client Service Management.

Obtained certification in computer from IBM.

Certified ISO and Internal Auditing.

Shahinaz is an Edu-preneurial teacher of  Leadership and Business awareness and Edupreneur ship 101.

How to Register?

This course is represented in 2 products  in DVDS and books which you will receive through ordering.


The shipment takes one month.

After you purchase the product, you send the receipt or invoice you receive by mail and get bonus resources.


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