Conversational Interface and their implication in E-commerce

Conversational Interfaces and Chat bot emerged in the era of Artificial Intelligence and automation. It is a sort of Innovation development to help with solutions and design and emerging opportunities platforms. How we can identify things internally and the graphical interface made it easier to deal with machine. It is a digital artifact, a ligature which is a text base medium interacting behind a machine; learn how to interact with computers rather than computers interact with us.  Facebook messenger is like when talking about bots kind of machine grapevine. Generating messages from scratch. It theoretically lack mass to it. Very … Continue reading Conversational Interface and their implication in E-commerce

Age of Information and AI

We are living in a new age. The age of the Brain and wisdom, the most critical think that holds people is fear. I want you to usher fear is not a problem. Fear can be a goal driven. You have to act upon your fear. To change the mental loops that have problems into ecstasy, by upholding to goodness and vigor creation. There are various training to the mind to think positive, to smile, to have positive thoughts, to welcome good ideas, to learn, to add up and succeed. The Brain is amazing in acquiring and knowing. The eye … Continue reading Age of Information and AI

How to Control Different Types of Emotions

I was listening to Anthony Robbins and he was discussing every emotion is a signal. E.G. someone you love hurt you, you feel rejected. Action signals to reevaluate the way you are perceiving something. Identify the signal, you feel rejection is uncomfortable for you. Your feeling of state uncomfortable about that; you will hallucinate. Clarify what you want. I feel kind rejected, uncomfortable, change your state. When you feel sensation hurt inside, you are lost. You have to clarify what you want to change, either your perception or the way you perceive it. The message we need to change. This … Continue reading How to Control Different Types of Emotions

Posts 2017

Posts 2017 FEBRUARY 8, 2017 NADUZIC ENERGY AND THE BODY Exercise Exercising daily is an efficient interleave for the brain, rejuvenation of the cells and lymphatic system. If you exercise your body, sure your body system and physique will improve and you will gain energy and heightened levels. Food Eat food that is rich in minerals, unsaturated fats, fibers and juice. Fat is essential for building your body, so don’t eliminate it, eat greens like Broccoli, Beans, Vegetables. Eat nuts like 15 nut a day, no more because if you eat a large quantity, this might expose you to Euric … Continue reading Posts 2017

Business online creation

Starting a Business could be a little bit difficult, it can be hectic at start, trying to find a good package and making a real profit while you pay your bills. So if you want to learn about business creation come on check out with me and  I assure you to build a tight ship online business with the min wages beside your market job. Attaining your market job and working your potent. so come an join the league in learning Business Creation online. You will Learn How to tap into excellence Achieve Master Wasting Time Gaining Time Money making … Continue reading Business online creation