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In-order to live a vibe Ecstasy life, You have to have someone to listen to!

Did you ask yourselves what fields I like? You can choose just three things and a hobby. Did you ask yourself what are my brain defects!

Are you someone who is happy about his day or just count every moment that pass!

Do you tap into others? Do you tap into yourself?

Who are you mentors? What are the most thing you are happy about?

What did you achieve? Do you prefer to be lonely or in a party?

If you tap into yourself and dive deep, you could extract your feeble points, find your right mentors who feedback you everyday and live the vibe, ecstatic life you want!

They made a test on the brain, they found out if the person changes what he thinks about, if he turns the joy into happiness, he will always be happy.

Vice Versa if he turns happiness in sadness he will always be sad!

SO, the brain is a sponge and you can shape it like you want. But with the most meager acquaintance, scientist found out that the brain hates failure! The brain loves to succeed.

If you are someone eating yourself up and always bloom, you must change what you think and you must change your language.

The one who seeks knowledge and mentors forges his future towards a continuous education and learning and tapping techniques that will push him forward to benefit from everything he just taught himself at the end.

Leave you with one more thought to ponder?

What will be your plan and thinking for today? Are you eager for a change?

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    I came by Thoreau story, how he left the city and went to live in the field. His experience was that all he needed is his books, he was an avid reader, but he came to the thing that when he was young he used to jump high, use his hands and legs and wondered if he could be like a fish in the sea which uses its gills and body. He wondered if he used his hands and legs more, he could have lived happier and that men would never know till he dies and that knowledge is to god only.

    What I liked about Thoreau his courage to live in the woods something like the woods and his love to knowledge, I think he imagined that he wanted to use his hands and legs more because he grew old, and he dreamed of being vibe.

    I think the thing is that since we have resources, we have to use it, we came here to notice that Thoreau used his knowledge resources and books fortune.

    So we notice the universe is abundant and that we have everything, the river never dries, the fruits grows on trees, the resources we have.

    I think it is time to think about utilizing your resources rather than accumulating and getting to know the benefit of the things you purchased and you don’t know how to use!

    Believing in abundance and the mind is the enriching thought and mindset any one could have.

    Learn how to live happy instead of accumulating money!

    Shahinaz is a seller of intelligence and developmental, School, Continuous education and Accelerated learning, Leadership and Business Awareness, Marketing Mix and OB, subscribe to Shahinaz online education: ESSDS:, Join Shahinaz on social media gates.

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      My Life Self Development Snap Shot


      Self Improvement

      What is self improvement? It is the entire mindset that makes you grow and raise your standards!

      What that could be?

      1. It could be reading a book.

      2. It could be creating a scrap book.

      3. It could be plotting by zibuton.

      4. It could be organizing an event.

      5. It could be making business.

      6. It could be writing 100 things you are grateful for in everything.

      Self development is confidence, confidence is the crystal stones you collect which are the mindsets you live by, and the jacket you wear which is the cosmos jacket , the real jacket of the planet you live in, leaving all the dead quarks. This is rather metaphorical if you think about. A metaphorical dream.

      Shahinaz is a seller of intelligence and developmentalSchool, Continuous education and Accelerated learningLeadership and Business AwarenessMarketing Mix and OB,subscribe to Shahinaz online education: ESSDS:, Join Shahinaz on social media gates.


      Self Improvement

      Everyone is in need of someone to help him. He may have certain injuries and need someone to tap somewhere to get him out of the tremor.Pain is part of life and we all feel pain at sometimes. Getting out of pain demand you respect your ideal and try to listen so you can grab all the tact he says to you and utilizing this for awakening!Achieving excellence demands you work on your self,

      • Don’t procrastinate

      Don’t goof off or play around

      • Don’t moan

      • Don’t dwindle on sadness

      It is about a lot of things mention in Leadership and Business awareness my book.

      Any way the critical stage of weaning ends and pain goes, so there must be an end to weaning and see you things on a clear wax slab!

      You have to take action, power is potent inertia you have which you don’t focus on,

      You have to stop sabotaging yourself.

      If you follow your brain, you are not going to make it, you brain is like a jumbo rat, it won’t help you,

      You have to master your mind and organize your mind files.

      Write 100 things you are grateful for in everything, bring a coil notebook and do it , take action.

      Work on yourself,

      Take a course with someone who would change your life. Raise your standards.

      Shahinaz is a seller of intelligence and developmentalSchool, Continuous education and Accelerated learningLeadership and Business AwarenessMarketing Mix and OB,subscribe to Shahinaz online education: ESSDS:, Join Shahinaz on social media gates.

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        Rapid Planning

        RAP, is rapid planning, Rapid fast planning comes when I take action to behave on a steadfast gaze,If we think about our mind and what it does, you will find in comparison to the quantum science intermittent and nano science, we behave slowly and take action slowly.We need to behave at the moment, take action, not dwell on the past events and live in seas of illusion,Do you wonder what you do with a book you want to read, you keep holding it in your hand and the time goes by, but do you read it!We have to take an outlook at our production, our production rate is slow, if we depend upon our mind or our brain, it is just a blip pendulum with no feasibility.

        But when you think about taking action, it is about weighing the evidence, getting things on a clear wax slab!

        I invented a very intelligent chart about listening, it is a map.

        If you want to think you have to filter your thoughts, and act on the good ones, because once you don’t do that, you will swirl or swim in a sea of illusion.

        So first you you’ve got to tell me what do you want to achieve? Won’t you??

        Because lest you take action, you brain will not awaken!

        Your Brain will awaken by taking action!

        Success comes when I rehearse, When I exert effort to grasp. It doesn’t grow like apples on trees!

        If you want to be a writer, it will never come lest you know the paths that lead to that!

        Being a writer means you are an avid reader!

        What you perceive will create your creativity.

        Shahinaz is a seller of intelligence and developmentalSchool, Continuous education and Accelerated learningLeadership and Business AwarenessMarketing Mix and OB,subscribe to Shahinaz online education: ESSDS:, Join Shahinaz on social media gates.


hands-91125THE BRAIN”
Most people think their thoughts begin in the Head. What most people don’t know or don’t realize is thought begins in the hear. ”Weave your hand against your heart and point” my annotation.. The reason why thoughts are felt before they are travel to your brain. It is all based on elector physiology – the study of the electrical properties of biological cells and tissues..                                                                          —————————————————————————————-
Brain stems located at the top of your spinal cord.
Parts of the Brain:
Breathing and walking oldest part of the brain.
Rough housed
Reticular information
Stem of your brain Bandura allows you to breath control hear breath.
Your thalamus tells you brain about touch and faced house clowns.
Cerebellum behind stem, Reticular for relaying reaction, helps you walk and remember.
Hangory Hounds Ate Pvolv Limibic system.
1. Hypothalamus stands for Han-gory
2. Hippo-campus stands for Hounds
3. Amygdula stands for Ate
4. Pituitary Stands for Pavolv
1. Hypothalamus helps you regulate hunger. Process term memory.
2. Amygdula responsible for hungered feelings of anger.
3. Pituitary control release of Hormones.
For continuation.
If you are aware of your body, you eat right, sleep well, breath well.
Eating well is eating when you are hungry, and only when you are hungry, if you want to eat more than the principle meals, then wait for another meal to come and eat in time.
You must chew your food if you watch a dog you will find him chewing, when chewing your food assimilate your body, but when bolting, you eat with the devil. It all turns evil unto you.
People who know how to eat well, eat from nature, they don’t know the meaning of coffee or sweets and exclude it from their food regime.
Eat what nature gives you, this is the right way to eat, eat according to your country, because the food in your country is the healthiest food, natural food include, meet, bones, organs, poultry, seeds, nuts, etc.
Science have found that there are many research on food regime and all of them attest each other, so we should eat what nature gives.
Sleep well, don’t think of your business, it will grow, when it is time to rest, take it and thank god for all his blessings, faith is the most imp. thing.
Breath well, we naturally breath, but not all of us breath deeply, ventilate your room to have the atmosphere air coming in and you breath even if it is too hot, you should have atmosphere or else the air of the room is dead.
The eager of knowledge is to satisfy the mind, but it never gives faith, we are a thinking substance that permeates an existing body.
To have faith, we must be thankful, convinced and know that it is the only truth.
Knowledge is not wisdom, but wisdom comes from faith.
If you are not believing, you will always be fearing.
There are various types of intelligence:
1. Open Intelligence
2. Education Intelligence
3. Multiple Intelligence
We will tackle in this post Open Intelligence only:
Open intelligence is our innate nature. It does not differentiate between human beings. Every one is smart. We are all powerful.
The mind think in term of data. We must differentiate between data and knowledge. We must not behave on our nerves for every trivia.
As in NLP, we must program the juke box, turn the pain into Ecstasy, swish it, and play the write melody.
Technology has gone so far and we are witnessing the world of technology. We can invent anything because our mind is intelligent and is able to know and correct itself. Our mind knows everything, there is nothing that we can not learn. Our innate intelligence nature make us capable of that.  This is open intelligence.
Our thoughts have meaning whether negative or positive. There is no haphazard thought.
The modern subjects are Machine intelligence – Nano Technology – Bio Science.
The foreign world teaches children multiple intelligence – Philosophy and religion.
The solution to our intelligence is open intelligence to get rid of morobidial or lethargic thoughts and replace them by lateral thoughts.
The data we receive we restate all the time, do you want to recite trivia, so that’s why there is a per-requisite for learning and education.
We should practice reading, writing, media ‘Video making’, communication.
Open intelligence is purity, mind power, education, etc.
The road to our mind is endless, so we should view all our life incidents without any regret, there is no sorrow, no backward step.
It is short moments, we have a lot of them, so we should enjoy them.
Open intelligence is the New Cosmology.
To read about Education intelligence read about success in Business-preneurship 101 Menu page.
Minimalism means to De-clutter and become a minimalist.
A Minimalist don’t have clutter at his home, his furniture is smart, his wardrobe is smart, his bookcase is smart, his computer is smart, etc, this means he downsize everything to the things he use only, why keep things we don’t use, why not donate it or sell it on dubbizle. Why keep our children old copybooks and books and have heavy boxes when we move from our house. Why we don’t write notes and then write it electronically and get rid of the Notebook.Minimizing your owning is a very smart way to live. You will find out you have tons and grams of things, that could have helped you travel or save or make business.
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