About – A-Propos De Moi!!

shahinaz-el-ramlyHI AM Shahinaz, I am an author and my credibility is my author ship and ISBNs, am a Business Coach Edupreneur who can help you to build a 10 figure income or in other means to become the edupreneur adage of the 21st century via self development, marketing, edupreneurship core, Leadership,etc, so extend a hand, join me and work with me so we can get out the best out of you to face this 21st century mayhem and leave the bottle neck. I am B.A. English and Second French, I used my literary Knowledge and Experience in culture and literary art and combined it with writing across a number of genres. I used the 21st century Knowledge because it reflects the coming era, so I focus on these things as a matter of intelligence and skepticism.