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I would like to debrief you about my Athletes regime, Books I am reading on now.

First of all to know about Aerobics, you have to know that aerobics is the science of locomotion and training fitness and muscles. It is dissected into various aerobics categories, Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Belly Dancing, Kong fu, Thai Bow, Qchi Gong, etc.

I came to notice aerobics when I was 14 years old and I had a prior experience of it at school, I saw a group practicing aerobics in a GYM in the military Dar, as they call in Arabic, At that day I was wearing a blue short and white shirt blouse from Octopus, Octopus was an athletic modern clothes for teens so I saw the clothes fit and I took excuse from the coach to enter and play. We were two me and my sister and we started practicing with the group and we felt awesome and ecstatic after, that we subscribed to a package monthly. It was not expensive at that time and the place was well equip-ed and very nice at that time.

Years after I quieted aerobics and I was taking regular walk for 3 miles round our Marry-land.

Then after work, and while I was working in Technical assistance project, I practiced Crockett, The bats engineer made for me a wonderful Crockett bat and after I mastered it, I was just practicing sole to sole in the big garden yard of Crockett.

To read in details about that you have to read this book! School, Continuous Education and Accelerated Learning. You will be debriefed how to accelerate and learn and practice fast in a very smart technique.

Afterwards after I finished work, I gained weight and I had to loose or attain my target weight in order not to reach extremes so I joined Fitness studio and I started practicing for six month.

After I came to read Steven Covey Book the 7 habits of highly effective people 3 times and I knew at that time that the best practice is home practice, daily sit up, push ups and pull ups.

To tell you the truth I started practicing at home year 2009, 2010 and then there was a stagnant time, because I started writing my books and getting involved in that.

But Year 2016 on August after I finished up writing my books that I was involved in from top to toe, I started practicing continuously till now and I now lost 5 kilos, I promised myself that I will not cease that because it is very dangerous for the heart to gain weight and dangerous for thinking. Thinking and heart are both affected by extra weight.

So here by I will tell you about a very smart methodiq if you want to practice.

First of all if you are not that kind of athletic style you see how I came to practice, but I am not a professional athletic but considered athletic because I like to move, dance, play aerobics, walk since I was young.

So I never quieted locomotion.

To summarize that with fruitful tips.

Tip #1: You have to start and try practicing, this will build a stamina for you on the long run.

Tip # 2: You have to have a smart training suit and preferably 3 and a good shoes to start practicing.

Tip # 3: You can buy a camera ”Nikon” and record your performance to see your achievement after a year or annually.

Tip # 4: Start by low impact or a beginner exercise.

Tip # 5: Know if you are going to practice aerobics, Pilates and Yoga, there is Low Impact, High Impact and Cardio.

Tip # 6: Take a shower after you practice and when you want to practice don’t follow your chatter box I will still wear, I will play and get tired, I am not in the mood, Know that you want but the seated creature want to ruin it on you so dress immediately your training and practice.

Tip # 7 Take a shower after you practice to clean the sweat and poison and know that water calm and cool the body into ecstasy. People who have a headache, tension or neck pain are advised to take a hot shower or a warm shower. After aerobics in summer you need a cold shower.

Tip # 8 After you finish drink something hot like apple tea and Digestive Mc Vittes biscuits just one and start working, If you don’t want to sleep, because your mind will not sleep before you finish what you want to do, In Hypnosis science they say the mind is alert always and does not want to sleep until he finish what he wants, he has something in mind and then he fall to sleep unconsciously. Because if you are not satisfied during your day about yourself you will not sleep well.

Hope this helps and Have a beautiful day 🙂

Shahinaz El Ramly

Author of Leadership and Business Awareness

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