ESSDSorg future mission is to provide quality and effective solutions for the 21st century education, teach people to empower, self develop, become leader-entrepreneur and business oriented, beside creating their own models and sustain training needs. ESSDS thrives for  providing information upgrades to assist people to interleave, Know their potentialities, achieve excellence, self develop, it provides based learning and growth, provide training, marketing, management and leadership and teach you how to create business as a means of becoming your own boss managing your information and using your experience, becoming financially intelligent and investing on your business. ESSDS use applications of revelation and voice over combined with self progress to provide training, evaluation and help you invest and get certified. ESSDS presents educational programs in the form of DVDs and books, which you order directly through create space or receive via Aramex, Fidex, etc.

ESSDS is an online organization for Business, Scientia and  Cothunder Earth online school Education

Employee disengagement is the most expensive problem in the corporate world today. Gallup reports that 85% of employees are disengaged on the job. Creating employee engagement is not a quick fix and is not achieved from a simple afternoon of team building exercises during your annual general meeting. CEO’s, managers and human relations officers wanting a more engaged workforce will need to learn how to overcome the psychological and sociological barriers that create conflict amongst workers. Dr. Orieux provides the perfect marriage between academia and applicability. Using laymen terms that connect and engage with any audience, he outlines the clinical reasons underlying workforce dysfunctional behavior, then equips leaders with the tools they need to achieve the kind of workforce culture, productivity and profitability that defies imagination and catapults companies to the top of their industry.

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Teach Your Old Brain New Tricks


My mission is embed-ed in this conception:To absorb and indulge in oneself and become a happier you and more insightful – The learning method is a fun process – because I use play-fullness, analogies, sense of humor, and strong visual cues, diversified altering life tips.
Basically, because my books and programs are created to be fun, you’ll absorb methodologies for creating a happier more successful life with total ease – including ideas from: Philosophy, Freshmen, Empower,  Freud Electra, biology, Buddhism Nirvana, cognitive therapy, and Linguistic Programming, neuroscience, positive psychology, sociology, quantum physics, Cosmic conscious,  philosophy,  – and then some.

I teach people from 12+ to 18+ this means anyone over 18+ is welcome

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