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ESSDScom future mission is to provide quality and effective solutions for a 21st-century education, teach people to empower, self develop, become leader-entrepreneur and business-oriented, besides creating their own models, and sustain training needs. ESSDS thrives for providing information upgrades to assist people to interleave, Know their potentialities, achieve excellence, self develop, it provides based learning and growth, provides training, marketing, management, and leadership, and teach you how to create a business as a means of becoming your own boss managing your information and using your experience, becoming financially intelligent and investing on your business. We create Single-subject courses and course packages. The Courses Packages is our program Breakthrough and you can just take a single course in the Breakthrough program. But the application is separate. ESSDS uses applications of revelation and voice-over combined with self-progress to provide training, evaluation, and help you invest and get certified. ESSDS presents educational programs in the form of DVDs and books, which you order directly through create space or receive via Aramex, FedEx, etc.



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Excellence and Business Awareness through Leadership

Achieve gigantic results with our 1 months online tutorials — in your very own office at home or where you practice. Be taught online from Shahinaz — who is an expert in self development, business and internet business to create the super you, maximize UN-reached potential and develop laser sharp beam methods to escalate success. We first examine you, your unique goals, hinders, needs and vision as the owner. We then give you a link to a customized online tutorial for you or if you are a corporate and your team, designed to fit your outcomes. We are not responsible whether you succeed as an entrepreneur or not, but this course intensity work out can make you a successful edupreneur, it depends on your wit.

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21st Century Education Course

I created a ligature in 2 volumes Ghesmate artifact about the 21st century education, literary education and continuous education and methodologies that are contagious from the writer 25 years deep experience Shahinaz El Ramly. It is also about The 21st century Logic is a suffix to knowledge of how to become Edupreneur, revealing concepts of multiple business and overt windows for creation and indulgence in intelligence feed and learning. It ends up by Business Ethics from the writer experience which is Ghesmate Ligature.

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Marketing Mix and OB

Get access to the 20 lessons, videos and terminology and feed back Power to lead, create business online and interleave beside learning techniques of sales and marketing, psychology 101 and organization and planning.

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By attending the New BIZ development a way to go my fellow, you will learn how to develop your skills to become an author and you will learn how to improve your creativity skills and tap into your intelligence. This course requires well versed English skills.



In this tutorial you are going to study adaptation in English Education that will teach you most about English in a simple way, second you are going to learn about Neuron Learning, an acumen of 15 years in psychology principles that will allow you to become better in people psychology and dealing with others, and finally How to create a Business and Learning to learn,  potent Cogent quads that will teach you all the brain storm you need that can make you initiate business and gives you secret ideas about secret business.

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HI AM Shahinaz, I am an author and my credibility is my author ship and ISBNs, am a Business Coach Edupreneur who can help you to build a 10 figure income or in other means to become the edupreneur adage of the 21st century via self development, marketing, edupreneurship core, Leadership,etc, so extend a hand, join me and work with me so we can get out the best out of you to face this 21st century mayhem and leave the bottle neck. I am B.A. English and Second French, I used my literary Knowledge and Experience in culture and literary art and combined it with writing across a number of genres. I used the 21st century Knowledge because it reflects the coming era, so I focus on these things as a matter of intelligence and skepticism.

This website is about Education and Building up Eduprenreus. I have Created this website to be your university campus and to let you receive all the education you need for your business. ESSDS is in continuous upgrade and will inform you always of new course on this page.

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