The things that make people Fear ageing – and why I’m not worried about them?

People are afraid of aging because their appearance change, I don’t think that appearance change so fast in age stages, what about white hair, or 20 white hairs, it is nothing, we should be proud of our white hair because it is dignity.”

A century or so ago, white hair had a different significance for men and women. For men having white hair was a sign of distinction, hinted at nobility, and was even a sign of virility”. ”It couldn’t have been more different for women”. The second thing people are afraid of is their age as it means the end of their fertility, why people don’t move, don’t do locomotion even 5 min. a day it won’t cost them anything, but they are lazy to do that.

The third thing people are afraid of age because they were lonely, lonely is not bad, in loneliness their richness and tenderness, it is the gift of your healthy thinking, achievement and using your head instead of using most people don’t use what is between their ears, they think of idiot things instead. ‘Spending time alone but not lonely is a sign of good mental health.

The one who feels lonely is desperate inside’ ‘Being Old means dignity, virtue, decades you lived, deep experience, enrichment, weight. It does not mean what hawks feel about it”.

Isn’t it??

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