My Portfolio and Private work-!

When I was a teenager, I was investing my pocket money in purchasing–documents, and I used to think about how to create a document to learn from everything. I used also to get a  Uniball dozen to write with my Exams in the best handwriting.

The document at that time cost was 65 EGP, and I used to get my first one and then expanded and had more and more.

I started to read Magazines in English, started to create–private work after my BA.

I created adaptations, translated books, later when I was called to work, my first permanent work, I was respected because I had a private work system and my recommendation included my private work.

Creating a document also means creating your own portfolio, this–portfolio could be your journal, your adaptation, your patents, your books, etc.

Based on your expertise level, you will be able to fit your intelligent mindset into a good business work idea which is private work, Nonprofit to share, and help others as well.

The idea of creating private work works only if you are a graduate of the university and have a BA. IT Could be an innovation in communication, a patent in graphics design, an adaptation for articles, etc.

I just gave you a clue what is a document and the importance of private work and your mind will guide you further.


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