Girls are various kinds, some of them are completely silent and some of them are quilt, sensible and clever, but some are quilt and clever and not pushing ahead, some are smart, aggressive and clever, some are clowns and genius, some are a narcissist and have a smart tactic and strategic mind, they also like an investment.

A person who is very quite can leap to be a physician or surgeon, when he graduates, a person who is sensible and clever, he is also a physician or engineer or accountant, a person who is sensible and not pushing ahead, is good at crafts, writing, music, songwriting, learning everything because at core he is sensible and clever but it was his circumstances and environment.

A person who is clown and clever, is an engineer, designer, filmmaker, sculptor, etc.  A person who is narcissist and tactic, is a strategist, economist, benefactor, couple inspirer, social reformer.

Also, there is an example of narcissists and clowns who are not pushing ahead and examples of Quite persons who are not pushing ahead because of their sensitivity to the environment, at the core, it is not a problem in pushing ahead, it is a sensitivity to the environment.


But if each of these personalities improved their core communication skills, they all differ in their notion to the universe and religion, mindset and their own profession.

At the core, this is applicable to the personalities of men also.

Girls differ some of them have boyfriends, some of them are disciplined at the core they are both polite but it is an instinct and gut.

Some men like to marry women who knew boys and some of them like women who are sensible and reserved, it differs.

Men at the core like women who are aggressive and very naughty not naughty in character but naughty in behavior like not being shy or being fearful. Some men love that.

Was just tackling the personality style of women mainly in relation to knowledge and engagement in social work jigsaw and how men select them.

Also I am an avid reader of astrology and numerology and studied astrology online.

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