SELF TALK-! Is it Healthy?

SELF TALK can be constructive and can also be destructive. What is the core behind Self Talk-! When you are in self-awareness, and thinking in the higher self, you don’t give a shit what happens around you-! But when you are not aware and in the Lower Self, you start to be picky and you start to mimic others talk represented in your own acquired negative talks in debating yourself.


Of course, it is something essential to be living with a person who understands, a person who is cultured, cultivated, not the countryside, people who raise their standards, live awesome lives, but people who mingle with people who are not like-minded suffer a lot.


Am not specifically talking about Country Side as a cynical impression, no this is not my intention, but am speaking about the monotonous tone, this people, know how to transplant and how to sell in quantities and how to invest in lands, but yet they have a tone that rends and despair others.


I am not talking about daily life dealings or people 101 in general, I am speaking when you live with a person with negative self-talk.

If you knew how to listen and live with such a person, you will start to scold yourself and you will start to feel depressed and be in the lower self.


But if you are prudent you will live in the higher self, how ?? by positive affirmations, by reading, by listening to the Wise talk, it is not easy, you should know whom to consult.


The best one to consult is your Mentor and You should have a sports coach, or exercise your body.

You don’t know what exercise fulfills the body. It lets you use your self-talk psychology in a positive way-! It makes you calm in yourself and emulates yourself, the same religion. Muslims when they attend religion lessons, Angels encompass them and they feel they are in heaven.

Meditation is a way also but not for a person who is gregarious style.


Positive Self talk Versus Negative Self Talk-!


Get My Life Self Improvement

Learn how to be Positive all in all

Program your Mind to the Positive

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