How to Organize your Work Day?

1. Quality Sleep

When you sleep, sleep when your body wants to rest and you are yawning, immediately join the bed and cover yourself and darken your room. Quality sleep only occurs in this state, Make sure to have a lantern lamp light and focus on your breath before sleep.

Empty your mind of any thoughts that are not healthy and sleep till it is enough but not overdo.

We all function bad, when we have poor quality of sleep less or more!

2. Exercise: Athlete

Just exercise like you used before. Did you ever loose pounds of weight? What did you do and what was your habits?

Focus on routine exercise and habits! and make effort to loose calories and trim fat naturally just by eating moderate and exercising on regular basis but not in enervating way so you quit. Anything when simple works, when complicated fails.


3. Planning: To Do (7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Habit 3…)

In 7 Habits of Highly effective people he says to exercise you must join a gym and then do it on your own at home.

It must be an exercise of push ups, sit ups and pull ups. This is the optimum Exercise.

There are many ways of Habits and Rewards, like stewardship, Hedgehog, etc.


4. Productivity: Outsource

If you feel bored of Home and household, or work over do, hire someone with just some dollars, to clean your home or help you in the house hold matters. If you are tired of doing every thing for yourself, hire some from O-Desk for your business to do it free or mini dollars per hour.

This is how to outsource your tasks.


5. Order: Orderly Office and System

Just if you DE-clutter, you will be happy and focus more, if you are someone who never DE-cluttered, just get rid of medicines you don’t want, organize your drawers, get rid of notebooks you never open, but make sure you will not regret, DE-clutter happens over years and then you come to excellence with gradual focus and repetitive order.

List of Books you should Have

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