Itineraries and Aids

You have brand Notebooks, you took notes, Do you use them, read them like Books. If you don’t work on yourself, you’ve brand Stationary you don’t use; then you buy everything for lust, illusion finance and rich.

Concerning Money; What about all billionaires who lived abundant, gave all their money to poor, cause they know it isn’t about money.

You must have mentors, ideals or sources. Your mind will not help you. Money is imp. any educated person should have an income not less than $500.  To pursue raising your standards you must always have mentors, ideals or sources. Your mind will not help you.

How to know yourself,  E.G.; If you are sensitive, then you are agile in Art, Healing,Writing, Tracing, etc. use your sensitivity right.

If you are strong then you support the sensitive and fragile and this is nice, among zoologist. Each one god gave him charm and talent in because each one took his 24 carat, your face interpret your persona.

Notice: It is not about nice appearance, if you treat people from perspective of appearance, and not traits, you are despicable.

Life is a battle, either you conquer your enemies or you fall prey to your illusion and fears.

No way, fears are justification but not useful, have to fight to achieve. Your dreams you own, any one will set you down, abide.

The thing is resistance, using strong metaphors, risk and effort, continuation, if you want to succeed you must keep moving to win.

On the road take care of your health. Know there is something called intuition and inspiration, trust your gut. Use your finance and opportunities to the best of your cores.

There is a hero at the end, don’t be afraid of what you are, long roads are hard to follow but can be marched, crossed, finished.

Life is a test from God, either you pass this test like you passed your exams at school or you topple.


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