Dream, Rapport, Magic, Revelation ”People 101”


When God or Allah knows the Batan, the instinct of a person and he knows the Batan or instinct of another person towards him from evil and this person thinking evil and cynical towards the innocent person in means that innocent does not mean a simpleton.

When the other one is cunning and thinking of tricks to control the other one, this tricky person God incision with very awful things, interpreted in nightmares, sudden ailment or sudden injury, what ever.
And who of us has bad intent???
You must focus when reading Quran, that’s why it is better when you make #Tahajjud or  #Atikaf
If there is s.th. called magic, it can fade with Ruqyah, for sure, even if you made wudu and listened to it electronically,
The person practicing magic towards someone, God will divide him from the person: whom he harms and god will tell the person who has been harmed the truth.
People are in negligence but Allah is here and always~ always ~always Here.
You can spell your self or magician yourself. When you look to yourself more than necessary in the mirror or talk to yourself in a wrong way when you are sad, talking to yourself is good, but there are wrong doings in that, but can be overcame with Quran and faith.
The only way to heal from any kind of Magic is Al-Ruqyah Al-Shariah.

Ruqyah for the Evil eye, Magic, Envy and Illness from Quran and Sunnah



What are dreams, all types of dreams, what is the brain, except scenes and thoughts instill on you from divinity.

Divinity or Allah power domineer all your body and especially your brain.


SO that’s why if you don’t like your thoughts Allah comes and instill a thought, what is religion, what is true religion and am not religious.

To instill you to read Quran, because if your life span passed with out you being inspired by the messenger and the messenger only inspire you the وحى when you hold the book. Because your excellence in trying to know when it does not permit you,

the messenger inspiring you with phases and let you direct yourself silently with the verses as revelation.


And when you know revelation or you come to rev-elate, your muscle starts to become strong and you talk in a clear vocal and you are decent in clothes and decent in rapport and not lied at.

Your mind also illuminate, if it was not helping you. You come to intuitions and God raise you to the greatest ranks of knowledge.
It is rather about the intent rather than the Ibadat. Because some people never forget god but others do Ibadat as instructions and do awful things like commodores and like flip flop voice and satanic pictures in society, a lot. But Ibadat is essential, if you can as your capacity. Try to do the obligatory.
See this article is not to pressurize you but to inspire you and make your reach gradually.
Wish me Good Omens,
Prepared and Intuited by Shahinaz EL Ramly

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