Menopause Authentically – What lies behind?

Why god let woman witness menopause?

because it is dangerous for her body to remain in puberty, it is dangerous for her health because the bones will not bear and she will not bear more pain at 50. Her body nature change, so he reliefs her.
Some women and most women who are Muslims don’t feel any thing bad at 40 because they are believers and some foreigners don’t feel anything because they are thinkers and meditater or practicing Yoga since early ages.
At age 40 a man or woman is unhappy because their marriage experience was full of tremor and bad things OR their children don’t merit them much or they are sad for their children if they are ill OR if they are not meriting or if they suffer from anything, so this comes out in nervous attitude and scold and scorns. By ignorance people say they aged or it is menopause.
Some people are not married but nervous because of their experience in work.
Most girls who worked for 35 years or 40 years, also companies were very tiresome and not succumbing community to the personnel standard. At this stage he did not meet any one because of his imprison in office, this makes him nervous and shouting and scornful or depressed.
A lot of examples but it is not the menopause, the menopause is nothing except for deficiency in mind.
There are a lot of cures in self development, Sutra and Quran for those who weigh, they get out of their depression quickly.
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