The stunning of age 44

Turning 44 is not a big y thing! If you were disciplined and single or had inspirational life, you will feel still awesome!

Don’t listen to other views it is the mid age and we are aging, it is not true, it is the depression that others want to cause you. Don’t listen to them.

See yourself, how do you feel with out the effect of these people dictating these feelings on you.

The honor of Islam الله dignifies the woman in Quran at all her stages of life.

Only hypocrites and simpletons just minimize a woman for her age!

Some people are 7 years and they seem 50 or 60, so it is not a prerequisite, some people are 50 and they seem 20, think the matter is not age only it is ethics of the general public and how others act in riot and no discipline!

It is not about domineer ship, neither it is about lack of ethics, ethics is I walk in my status quo, gazing in front of me and not bothering any one in public places.

If you like someone you can get acquainted to him but this should be in a bookshop, in a cafe’, in a gym, in an exhibition, in a campus, etc., and you must know the person who suits you so you don’t get embarrassed.

You don’t have to bother about someone age and you don’t have to be a friend to someone you don’t absorb nor you are imposed to absorb someone you can’t!

Most people lack the right rapport and they have a talk that is not suitable or in appropriate to the mind and when people of knowledge abandon them they convict them by not complying or having an issue or ailment,

You know there should be human rights which defend the dignity of any citizen regardless of his financial situation or age!

Human rights is only in certain countries!

It is not quizzical about the end and each one will be accounted for his hearth!

This day every soul shall be rewarded for what it has earned; no injustice (shall be done) this day; surely Allah is quick in reckoning. (40:17)


Certainly you were heedless of it, but now We have removed from you your veil, so your sight today is sharp.





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