Your Path

We all struggle with our path or the road to take. The thing about being quizzical is trivial means to a mere luxury and surface reasoning.

When you just work your mind, try to grab a pad and write the most vital things to you in life.

For me at the beginning it was:

  1. Reading my manuals
  2. Athletics
  3. Learning to Swim
  4. Learning Computers
  5. Religion Mindset
  6. Marriage

I worked on everything and I just did not have the sixth one yet though I did not rejected it that hard.

But at the end up I learned it is about:

  1. Friendship
  2. Success
  3. Confidence

I came to read these subjects when I was in my 30s but I learned that a friend is not someone who makes you happy all time, he can tell you something for your benefit or awake you or encourage.

I learned that confidence is not about money, Little money and some cheer can do.

I learned that success is perseverance and continuous learning.

These were my Pillars for the after wards journey.

Though when you come to read, it is a friend but you must know a good writer, because someone who is a muscle will teach you or someone who has skills. He will help you to add up and succeed.

I just came to notice that the road is hard, and we have many speed bumps and causalities that we must overcome to create the environment we aim for.

Because if we did not awake we will not achieve and awakening is by know what you love and want.

I had many speed bumps, but each time I learned something.

I am now struggling with achieving a business, really working on a business is not mainly selling but reaching know how and creating content engagement system.

You must be able to deliver and add cheer to your audience, because they will not like you to agonize them even if you mistake you must revise and correct. Correct your thoughts to boost your image and try to reach prudence and wit.

Help your audience to :

  1. Build
  2. Succeed
  3. Leverage

At the end up know your aim of what you hearthed and look at the end did you reach what you were aiming and what did you recognize.

Business does not mean to love all people because your business might be Higher education so you want skilled staff e.g..


Yes and you are not a mere judge there are standards and scales.


Wish you all the good luck in your journey.








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