How to be a Writer?

If am a writer you can be ,too. Notice that to be a good writer you must be a good reader first.

When I became a writer I had an inkling that made me write my books.

I will be here setting a demonstration of the techniques collage.

When you want to write, first you have to read a writer, than think about a subject that you want to write about, it must not be a very creative story or context, but this is the start.

If you don’t have acumen or good language to write, just try to learn English 12 levels or Freshmen, because this will let you become the reader and writer you want.

Not only but you have to read for writers and authors, observe their ideas and grasp it and create your own.

If you want to be a writer, you will be a worker who has a job, even if you don’t profit.

So the secret is an orderly office and orderly environment.

First when I want to educate myself I was 20 and I pursued the road of education and I purchased my own office and units and started working at a specified space.

If this inspired me, it can inspire you also.

I don’t mean I started my education when I was 20, not I went to school for 15 or 17 years. But if you want to know school is not enough you should know your passion. My passion was Education.

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