How to deal or face your Mother when you are in your 40’s Age!

I just don’t have any relation ship to that, Yeah like all families there are little disputes, but I always agreed with my parents and stood up for them.

I am discussing that to give a wide open opportunity for people who have less experience in dealing with parents or just abandon their parents so soon because, they claim they can’t bear.

When you reach 40 years, always remember you are not the little girl or young lady who always sought approval from her family. Yes, you might feel compassion, but this comes when you take your mother notion as advise and proposing your opinion still with respect to her notion.

At this age you may be married and have children, and you may be still single, it is advised you help and assist your mum and dad in both situation.


IF You are married, you may feel it’s awkward that your mum interfere in he view about your children or advise concerning any of their health and career. If you see this so stressful, you might tell her mum I completely know what’s in and I can deal with that on my own in respect to your notion and view.


IF you are single, and you want to have a career and you feel you have too much errands to handle, consider yourself living alone, what responsibilities you would rather bear or what errands you have.


Will you be so much at rest if you were on your own party rather than aiding your parents when they became in need. Don’t they worth this sacrifice from you in consideration also: to your rights gain.

This age is an age where you supplicate God to make you capable to submit thanks to your parents and have ask god mercy for them as they breaded you since your were an infant till young age. Meaning of a verse in Quran


So finally you should take your parents view as advise, not be annoyed from every action or reaction adverse to your opinion, because you are a grown up, you should weigh! Won’t you?

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