HOW does your body feel once you start moving, I think you are inspired to do the action step in implementing the first exercise, you heat up, you keep moving, by the end you are inspired and want to drink something hot with a light biscuit and work. It creates happiness, ecstasy and increase your endorphins and Vasoprin. This means happy hormones start taking action in your body. You go into flow and content. Your digestion becomes better and you are able to concentrate and achieve. Not being Zomby and visualizing.

Lack of locomotion makes your visualization strong, it is not apparent or prominent continuously but after a lot of sit ups and laziness you come to wand up into a sleeping body and dormant brain status and then you start to feel stress and depression.

So by knowing what exercise do for you and what state you feel if you do and if you don’t do. Then you don’t want to harm yourself.

Exercise is not only playing but walking, moving, lifting and working. The idea of locomotion, you must not sit 24 hours, you must cook, do dishes, organize closets, DE-clutter. You must have movement work staff, because this boosts you and decrease your stress level and you come to submerge in what you do or achieve, performing happily. You burn calories, your body breaks down dense food and you are able to go. Your chromatin is balanced.


You must also learn to think neat and eat neat. You must learn the power of Self Discipline.

The person who does not think, does not move his hands, does not have a nice handwriting or try to draw better, does not move, does not work, because life is a motion and we create emotion by motion [ NLP TECHNIQUE]

So won't you??

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