WHEN I was a little girl, my first inertia for self awareness was to draw something form my mind, I came to draw a girl with a dress, it looked strange but I was very happy I learned to draw something and I thought about it of my own intuition and trying to copy a figure.

I also came to own a piano in 1st primary a very nice red piano on which I learned to play Rod Qalbi and Frero Jacko, my old sister was very clever in piano and she taught me how to play music and I still remember.

My second inertia was when I cut the money in look listen and learn and just hap put it in my red pocket, my imagination drove me to feel ecstasy for having dollars and acting with money.

My Third inertia was drawing a Peacock that was engraved on our bathroom ceramic wall and contouring it with relief and coloring it with oil.

My Fourth Inertia was rolling a cartoon in a cylinder pencil box and using it for my pencils. My colleague classroom told it is very nice, very smart idea.

My Fifth inertia was punching sticker with puncher and plotting with circles.

My sixth inertia was creating Lesson paper notes a box of paper by easing the coil and using the soft perfumed paper separately.

My Seventh inertia was creating Mazya bag and envelopes for handling money out of the copybooks cartoon I eased its coil.

My Eighth inertia was continuing my education in drawing just by myself.

Age was never a problem to me ever.

Age is never a problem, a person who is witty about his life is aware since his early, positive feelings are acquired and skills and wit
 are acquired if not you were born with.

I am not the optimum of course but I am unique and hurdler.

If you want to know more Grab your copy of Ghesmate.
I recommend for you these three books for becoming self aware.

Ghesmate Artifact Ligature A span of Life


Pillars of Success Shahinaz El Ramly

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