Character, decadent and Happiness Regain cycle

The hedonic treadmill, also known as hedonic adaptation, is the observed tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness despite major positive or negative events or life changes.
shared from google description.

We all have very happy moment like buying staff or car and getting dismal quickly, or working at a job and feeling bored quickly. Some of us have decay and others pass by these moments and regain happiness in the same thing they do, what is the difference?

Being happy about a sketch and colors you purchase because of the texture or brand or lusty feeling and getting bored about it quickly because some one told you this is not important is the indication of your triviality and lack of trust in yourself or your lost ability to feel the tenderness of something smart you thought about.

Some people are affected by others opinion and some have trust in themselves in spite of the negative people.

Sometimes you have trust but you are influenced by the negative moment and your motors does not allow you to think smart and you feel imprisoned or interlocked in a thought that this: is you are not going to use the sketch and colors, what ever the thing.

But hedonic adaptation is the treadmill of happiness, when you feel bad and be able to awake to a good state, this happens to people who trust themselves, they always have set backs but awake and feel inspired quickly because they think smart and can extract good memories from their experience and they trust their gut.

They are able to fold negative thoughts and open windows into experience, ecstatic moments they will experience now and later and happiness usher.

For example what makes us happy at work when it becomes boring, is engaging in another field of the job that is different or smarter than what you do.
For me in my final jobs I was working as an admin.professional and when the boss found me collapsing and feeling the routine is dead he gave me a Quality Assurance job which I handled very successfully.
And it goes on the same case in other jobs. For me I know how to adjust that’s why I never feel collapse with or with out a job because I have my private work since long ago and my continuous education and private work created my happiness and my virtue and hedonistic adaptation.
If you think that a bundle of 100 books purchase will make you happy and you just put them on the shelves and buy another 100 and so on you leave them on the shelves you are killing inside you the flavor and friendship of reading.
We adapt when we have small staff and become people 101.
Learn Hedonistic adaptation the Pillars Booklet

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