Character-Stamina and conquering unnecessary fears

THE POINT when we come to master ourselves, is when we treat our anxiety and master our fears and conquer them.

To conquer our fears we must be strong enough to face them and deal with them finally. To put a bridge to thinking like that and feeling our true inner strength, so we revive in our livelihood.


Bridging the Evil side in our life

If it is someone you are thinking of constantly that hurts and maneuver you, you must start to put a limit to that, or to be in a place in which this person is far away from you, where you don’t be in contact with people who manipulate you, or becoming so strong to face that.


How to be strong?

Being strong is facing any one who cause you pain in your life, by wisdom of efficacy and strong confrontation.

It must be a confrontation with the person he himself, or else you are going to receive threaten replies and wrong decisions. If you have an old problem with someone you must face it with him till you come to a solution together.


Understanding Characters

You must read Blanchard or download styles of people, to be able to deal with different types of people, specially if you are in an Admin. or HR. position, you will be susceptible to deal with different types of people and you must be adapted to deal with all styles.


Conquering your fears

We all engage in things that are not our true reality, we engage in things that bring us fame or fake-less opportunities but we don’t take time to solve our problems and reflect on our fears. When you overcome your anxiety, the worry voice that keep making it on you every day, each morning, you will be able to face your life and become the stronger you, you wish to be.



Leadership & Business awareness: High Performance Developmental Skills (Business Intelligence) (Volume 1) 02nd Edition


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