Emotional Intelligence and People 101

Emotional intelligence is ”the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and em-pathetically”.
“emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success”
We all look very nice and beautiful in pictures and when we look to the picture we say oh this person has a very nice character and is charming. But in reality we don’t love each others like we are alone because pictures fools and characters has deficiencies, no emotional intelligence. We became stereo types and intimidating entities with a lack of deep comprehension.
We judge consolingly with out knowing the core reason or understanding of the person or being loving. Not comprehensively but for the general public and most people who have surface judgement.
PEOPLE when we think of people it is how we analyze people, people definition is ”the members of a particular nation, community, or ethnic group”.
Now a days we try to break all the rules of emotional intelligence and people 101 principles.
We don’t help a man to cross the street, we don’t stop the car when someone have difficulty to cross or an old man who walks slow. We don’t respect youth vibe.
Society don’t consider a work for someone who is introvert but has great talents. They don’t make consideration for recession and finding quick solutions.
All metrics of ethics is diminishing and parental care and passion. We are living in surface reasoning and triviality.
We are in need to take a deep look of social reformers like Daniel Goleman in the contemporary era, Titus, Broom  in the 20th cent. and others. We need to consider rituals not in means but application.



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