How to be Good and Well off!

If you want to be good, confide in yourself, individuate, do what you love, gain trust in others.

Being good does mean you will not do mistakes, just recognize that you are a human being and you are viable to hurt others, punish yourself, but don’t be harsh on yourself, forgive yourself and forgive others.


If you learn to forgive yourself you will live happy because forgiveness is the ever heightened feeling you will ultimately have when you feel you don’t hold grudge to any one, when you are in true inspiration and love.

Being sad that someone wronged you or quiet-ted you will not make it up for making your emotional state smarter, if you suppose that people have moods and sometimes they behave rashly out of unexpected behavior they did not mean because of a circumstance or situation, you will forgive them, when you put yourself in their seat belt.

How many people you have hurt or just wronged, you are not saint. The ability to improve and conquer set backs of your emotion and your dis-satisfaction about yourself and your self esteem in relationship with others, makes you step into a higher self version of yourself.

2. Choose an Ideal

You must have an ideal you want to follow and be on his creed of life, yes your creed things, but you can’t reach, who do you respect or feel he knows what you don’t know, why don’t you learn from him and be another role model inspired by his allurement and appeal of interest to become someone modernly cultured.

3. Love yourself

Take a regular bath, be pure, smell nice, dress nice, wear nice. When you make up yourself you will feel inspired in yourself and you will be richer than you think because looking nice and neat and pure in front of God means you are very rich.

4. Don’t be someone Else

If you behave exactly like someone else or you mimic each act someone do because it allure you, you will be fake hat, that others is sarcastic about and won’t use it for protection or in a meeting. Metaphorically..

5. Pray or Meditate

Praying makes you steady and smart in yourself or if you can’t start meditating by purchasing meditation cards,Candle Phoebe and mat and start practicing in a smart place.

6. Make small Changes

Just from time to time don’t sit on your desk all the time, go out if you are someone who live with your parents, go out with them, or if you are someone who don’t have friends, go out with your dad, invite him to restaurant or dinner. Or go out with your sisters if you don’t have friends. If you want to make friends, start by a network. A good network, people who truly care for you and appreciate your senses.

7. Have Goals

Don’t just be supersized by the days, write your goals for each day, have things to do.

8. How to be well off?

To be well off you need to save your money, don’t buy a phone line discount your bills and purchases. If you won’t to have a fancy car, Villa or awesome building, this won’t work. Just live on your means, dine with family, travel and don’t be spendthrift.

If you don’t have a job, search for something you love, your passion. Because you will only succeed when you know your passion. The society should help people to fall in a love job with their passion. The future of work will be cloud computing, people will work from any where, at any time.

Hope this helps,
Shahinaz El Ramly

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