Benefits of Exposure and Non Exposure to Lights

Exposure to light is vital in that the sun rays has an effect on the bone and increment the robust, the exposure itself for 15 minutes provides vitamin D, the part of the sun’s rays that is important is ultraviolet B (UVB). They found out that all buildings, enclosed room and homes, workplaces is essential for being active, productivity and comfort of the body.

So it is essential to have proper ventilation in buildings, workplaces, homes because artificial lighting has an effect on the syndrome disease. So it is advised to use the natural light.


The Sun Light

Human skin absorbs large amounts of vitamin D when major parts of the skin is exposed and the sun is shinning bright in the sky. Your body is equiped to get the vitamin D it needs by producing it when your bare skin is exposed to sunlight. Certain sun’s rays are important which is ultraviolet B (UVB).

Harmful Lights

Light bulbs are harmful, they produce artificial ultraviolet due to the diodes they are made of. Artificial light brings a disease in the body, weary eyes, and stagnation in the head.
It leads to dryness in the eyes, feeling of dizziness and malfunctioning and less activity of the brain.

Work Places

They found out that work places differ than other buildings because the person spend a long time of his day work, so we should consider working in area that have ventilation, sun exposure and healthy overture.

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