Why is a Growing Mindset Essential for Learning?

Long ago when I was a teen age, I asked myself, why am not the best in my class? And why all teachers upload me at peaks moment for being clever or being aware and what is the secret of not being like that all the time?


So I started picking up an Old book in my Library and reading it, It was English Freshmen, I read all about communication skills, and the most prominent subject in communication that influenced me is Learning to Listen.


From their I knew that others could pass to me a wealth of information just by listening to them and that I could benefit from each one skills by just listening thoroughly and weighing the evidence.


I learned that a Growing Mindset requires broadening your scopes and knowledge and started to work on my self by records and improving my mind and creating private work and listening a lot and reading and exercising my body.


I learned to draw by fine lines and I came to intuitions in Art, a unique experience that pushed me forward to create My Drawing course tactics.

Learning Needs

  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Skin Vocabulary
  4. Oral reading and writing

Listening skills are represented in:

  1. Listening behind what the speakers want to say.
  2. Weighing the evidence.
  3. Retaining and forming ideas and expanding them.
  4. Respecting the lecturer or teacher or a person who delivers.
  5. Not judging by the appearance because the last thing is to turn a speaker or a professor in your mind.

Only people who does not go out of their comfort zone hate achievement and make barriers in learning new skills. A growth mindset is essential for growing and becoming aware and carving your personality and mind to reach the optimum level and goals of life to know how.

PILLARS OF SUCCESS ”The pillars booklet”: Pillars Booklet 

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