Healthy Benefits of Vegetables

You must keep vegetables where you can see it, vegetables have natural fats and flavors. Vegetables are good for the immune and for the digestion. Vegetables are considered protein, vitamins and is enriching than meet.


I remember when we were living in orouba for allocation temporary, I went always with my sister to buy vegetables from a place like wise in the image below.

It was just very fresh vegetables and we used to make vegetables pans like Torly Egyptian Recipe ,

Egyptian Ratatouille Torly التورلي الرتاتولي المصري, we used to have awesome vegetables meals.

Also sea food is vital, it nourishes you with spinal fluid of the brain and it strengthens you and make you a smart man or woman. Fish is the best food, I mean seafood, and vegetables is the optimum meals that build the body and protect the immune.

You know sugar is the most dangerous thing, it is just poison into the body, we don’t eat sugar in sweets only but starch and macaroni and bread and rice. The best rice is the brown old rice which seed is brown.



  • Keep Vegetables where near your vision. That way you likely want to eat it.
  • Healthy diet include vegetables lunch box.
  • Exclude Potatoes
  • 4. Make vegetables  a meal.

Vegetable prevent

  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Blood pressure.
  • Cancer.
  • Diabetes.

Put onion in the chicken soup and eat it, onion prevent cancer and build a great immune.


If you don’t like Garlic, just make it a cream and put it in the toast, Garlic is good for the immune like Pizza Hut Garlic Bread secret.


Copyright c Shahinaz El Ramly Avid Reader of Combat food with aging.





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