The Brain and The Edge Effect

I like to read books and take notes in prongs.

So I will share with you in this post my notes of

The Edge Effect: Achieve Total Health and Longevity with the Balanced Brain Advantage

by Eric R. Braverman

I will not be covering all the book content, I am just going to share with you a synopsis in general about the scripts that caught my attention and I focused on.

First Look at the symbol byta and try to trace it on a scratch paper.

What does Eric. say

What differentiates the human from the rest of the natural world? Can you answer this question?

Is it the brain

My Explanation

It is said to be that Animals, mammalians and birds conceptions is due to perception.

But Human beings thinking is due to his elevated thinking the brain intelligence. Perception is the perceive of concepts via images and sounds.

Thinking is the perception, auditory and intellectual process via Memory, reasoning, right and left thinking, attention and visualization.

Mr.Eric says: Now we know that humans have by far the Braverman most dynamic and highly evolved brain, even though, it  weighs a mere three pounds, size doesn’t matter.

Mr. Eric says: How ever only in Humans is the brain superior which is all the more reason to put the Edge Effect to work by mastering the key to health of our bodies and minds.

Mr. Eric: Bear with me as we review the Basics function of the brain.

  1. The path to wellness beings with the smallest genes, which signal the brain to create chemical reactions that results in electricity travelling through out your autonomy.
  2. Ultimately your brain chemistry influences the four major domains of health: memory, attention, temperament and personality and physical well being.

Mr. Eric saying in his book:

For all that we humans tend to emphasize our differences, biologically speaking we are truly the same.

The proof is our DNA: The Human Genome sequence.

DNA is more than 99.9 % the same in all people.

However that 0.1 % is all it takes for some of us to be healthy and others ill, some tall and others short, some quick witted and others dull.

While DNA Codes our behaviors and physical functions, it is not the heart of what makes each of us unique. Our DNA creates a transport system for the transmission of information. The system relies on electricity. The human body relies on electricity to stay alive as a better change.

From Genes to Electricity: Decoding the Brain. Electricity is the literal spark of life, which energize our body and creates our conscious.

Defining the Edge Effect

Think of your brain as interfacing with your body, in much the way an electrical outlet functions inside the wall of your home. When you want to turn a light on, you plug in a lamp, and the electricity transfers from the house’s circuity into the lamp. In much the same way, the brain sends an electric current through your entire body, feeling your internal system while maintaining your personality or orchestrating your health.

The connection between the outlet and the plug, or between the brain and the body, is one aspect of what I call the edge: It is the exact point when the brain and the body come together. When our edge fail we fail. When it works, we function harmoniously.

What happens when you master the Edge Effect?

By mastering the Edge Effect, you can control the brain chemistry, interfering at the very place where transformation is transferred, finally allowing you to manage illness now and create abundance health later.

  1. Voltage: Voltage measure power, or the intensity with which the brain responds to a stimulus, which in turn affects the brain’s ability to process that piece of information. This information can be cognitive as well as physical. E.G. Voltage determines your metabolism and the various states of consciousness, ranging from fully alert to deep sleep with out proper voltage, you literally slow Sand develop a dull edge to your actions as well as your personality.
  2. Speed: The Brain’s electricity runs through the body at sixty cycles or beats per second. Thinking occurs at two to three beats per seconds, The speed of your brain is based on how quickly these electrical signals are processed. This rate determines your brain’s real or functional age. By increasing your brain speed slows, you can become forgetful and feeling like you are loosing your edge.
  3. Rhythm: A balanced brain creates and receives electricity in a smooth, even flow. By contrast, when electricity is generated in bursts, it is called arrhythmia, and it signifies the begging of brain dysfunction. Rhythm determines how you handle life’s stresses. When your rhythm is off, you might feel you are getting edgy: this might make you feel anxious, nervous or irritable.
  4. Synchronicity: Electricity in the brain can be seen in the form of brain waves. There are four types of brain waves, each providing us with a level of physical as well as mental consciousness.
    1. The 1st Type is called Beta [β]: which travels at a rate of sixteen cycles or pulses per second. When your brain is transmitting beta waves you feel alert.
    2. The 2nd type is called alpha[α]: travels at a rate of eight cycles or beats per second. When your brain is transmitting alpha waves you feel creative.
    3. The third type is called theta waves [θ]: travels at a rate 8 cycles or beats per second. When your brain is transmitting theta waves you begin to feel drowsy.
    4. Last are delta waves [δ], which travel at a rate of one to four beats per second. When your brain is transmitting delta waves you are at a level of sleep.


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