How to stop the haste within Me and Focus!


We could use other people culture to become smarter in controlling our psychology, you need someone who think it smarter to let you step into yourself, or you need a story to live to express your own treatment and walk the talk you want.


Over the first top years I was working with athletes. I happened to get there rapidly. I was in group type work with team. Through out this work with people working with people another version of themselves step into. People who have high performance level. Maximizing, secret ego. I use the exact thing when I play sport. I had trifecta of secret ego. I was channeling, nerve and mentality. I was doing it out of share information and creativity. Human have natural experience. Many care about opportunities and judgment. If I concentrate on criticism I will not achieve. Feel the play you are going into. The secret.

One of my athletes’ well-known tennis player. She in her normal day she experiences she is a nice person. Over the course of multiple games, she gives out a bit. Start to sabotage herself and allow the other person to get in and beat her. You need that person. You need to own yourself. You need to get the person get the point that not humiliated crafting the other version of herself. She knew deep down herself she need the capacity to create. Counteractive. What are the qualities, talents? What are those talents and skills you need to be successful. I think a lot of people have imaginary about themselves. How they coach me about decisions I have. Would like to beat them. Finding talent about themselves not being fake. This question to. When you think about alter man. Superman. Carl Kent is the secret identity. The real version of Kalel, hitting the plan, most of us are superman and super women. The real secret of carl Kent he can be criticized. A lot of people don’t have the sense of urgency to be that person. I think they have a rotting urgency. I am not talking about average people. I worked with the most top people. They are ambitious people. They come to us what is the extra point. The average person is looking for more extra point. What people cut on themselves. When you think of all it is what you do. How you get in stage. Core moments you need to perform. Going through negotiation, presentation. Critical moments in a day or a week. Magnify version of yourself going to get better. I just know people don’t transform in a day. When you embrace the concept and work with it. Tennis player. After we even had this conversation, clicked in our head, we don’t forget that. We have imagination step in this fancy world of us. Tap into natural process we have. Origin profile third step. Back story and alter ego and even from a neuro science perspective. Features and advantages of products. People are moved by emotion. Why we create powerful back story. Stand on the court perform maximum ability you have when you are this person. Alter version of yourself. Her next turn it. At the next, she made it to her finals. She came of that final experience such a phenomenal level of performance. Not the inner player, not the condition, herself. She ended up retiring and having a great career herself. Something can be entertainers or professionals. Started to build up a large investment leadership ability to get challenged fighting deals and challenge giving himself, turn into angry individual. Her core profile was her ma coming from a poor family, war, raised 9 amazing children her mum, not allow any circumstance to disallow her from her decision she had with her family, connect with this sort of spirit to live inside himself and live inside, all these people use internal ego. Not embody it, natural part. Well I mean don’t have an actual plan, don’t need it any more. You don’t know where the moment is when you need to quit. Using something called the artifact enhancer, using something you wear, a ring, a bracelet. Something you own. I know a person who had a polished rock. He carries around that as a reminder or trigger. Something you wear, something you have with you. Because I tell people I don’t share private, I have got 15 visions, I have eye vision, Have massive insecurity. People wear glasses as a fashion. People who wear glasses are smart. When I put those glasses, I was stepping into a person, decisive accurate and confident. Get into critical state and share, joined up with step 5 emergence experience. Seeing well, having children that is calm and confident. People must be flexible to get from one shift of play to another, going from one person to another. You are supposed to be uncomfortable, you would be complete. You have already done it, you are pretending something you want to be and you are not, other ideas and other people believes, stress, simple acts, simple human evolution.

We needed to live inside tribes. We didn’t want to be weird. Most people criticized the way we behave because we did not want to be ostracized. Around 1000 how to be weird. It is not about being comfortable, I Want to be in a stage where there is a lot of comfort and experience in my business. My children come out of the field of play and know stories. Designing the version of yourself you want your children to witness and how you want to show them, the ideal you. We start to magnify ourselves, more intentional about the person we are creating, a lot of customers using artifacts, we shift quickly from our home town, no person or no one know the other, a lot of people are choosing to go to their childhood. There is also a lot of areas we can leverage like way in the past sharing origin profile, super star coming up, was prominent in tennis, taking a lot in court, not a killer instant, a young Jewish Girl. Zeba debeet former who know Pob Magan that what she steps into, she calls herself Zeba.

You want to be consistent and how to be as a brand, how would you go about doing that?

Should business a similar identity for themselves?

Certain level of localization you want to adapt to different culture. The way they adapt with their customers.

The first question people ask what you would deploy.

If you are firm and fix, if you are going into a game, score 15 in first point, most people are going to respond emotionally, continue to perform at your peak, mental toughness, a business in a business setting the person who has a skill and reflective he will be at disposal to make that happen. As you think you are one thing you are going to fixed.

Kodak created a digital camera, created digital pictures becoming Diana sours in their business.

There are ways you should be anticipating and reflecting. There are some intricacies, you are going to have tea with a person, which may not be a culture of another, you should adapt your business but there should be flexibility.  I am motivated by too much things family name, family bible, fascinated by where my family has come from, my idea of legacy, my family name makes it better than it was ever before. The world is a big concept, so I want to make our family name. A second thing that motivates me is people, how people do things. Those who have really struggled what has cause them to struggle. I am fascinated by that experience.

History is important you can retrieve to history to take stories when you are massively ambitious person and feel responsible. My business is an extension of who you are?

This has been a wonderful Interview, hope you benefited.

Thank you so much Tod.

copyright c Robbins Research International

Auditory Writer: Shahinaz El Ramly

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