How do I live the Life I want?

How to Live the Life You’ve Visualized for yourself?

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Debate with other people, how to live the life they want? They will say Create a Business, Travel the world and Have a fortune.

Get out of Hurdles.  The brick or step to achieve your goals, is not by following others systems imposed on you. E.G. when you go to school, you find yourself riding the bus everyday, coming home to study and do the homework and here it ends up the daily routine. But if you were someone smarter or a smarter pupil you will think of creating a business or happy life for yourself. Watch on you tube Hackschooling makes me happy Ted’s talk .  If you are an adult single and bewildered about your inner feelings and emotion set and purpose, get ahead, get out of your hurdles, see what will make you happy?

Find your purpose. If you want to be happy you have to find the purpose of your life? What do you want to fulfill in your life? What life you aim? What is the meaning of life and the peak you want to reach? It is not about what you love, it is about what you want!

Understand Creating Value. Finding your favorite job, is not about doing a job you love, but a job that is your talent, you enjoy doing it, because when you learn and improve your talent in a job you think about intuitively, you reach ultimate result, you create products, you leverage and at the end you have money to travel the world, help your relatives or do something great for them and also do alms and charity for the world. It is not about what you love. It is about your passion, who you will become! Being connected to nature and having a pattern intelligence, you own patent.

Build your solidarity. E.G. no idea will be successful unless others love it, when I started blogging, I did not think I will create a lot of posts and I recognized I won’t, it is not about much, it is about meaning, it is about how you intuit others. I found out that my first blog 2013 got many likes and intuited many people.

Keep it up. Blogging is not about an overnight success. Same goes to your goals, you have to set a big goal to achieve work on it and when you finish up. Celebrate and create another goal.

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