Filling to be a better Human and fill the void!

We all yearn to better lives, high standard living and luxury, but are we all the same. Of course no! Why some of us are rich and some of us are poor? Why some of us are rich in sense and some of us are poor in their emotional awareness and gut.

Richness is not about money, better life is not about a kingdom or fortune. Better Life means a better human, who fill his void!~ Who learns from his mistakes! Who Does not feel Idle! Who is happy regardless of his situation! It is the inner tranquility and soul satisfaction of the mind.

E.G. a Sculptor is not necessarily engaged in what he earns, but he is engaged in sculpting in producing Statues, sculpting art. His sense of richness comes from his work; because he is submerged in what he is doing or creating.

He thinks of the optimal image of himself, because he works regardless of his situation. It is not essentially the material. We can become the best of ourselves when we produce, when our mind is balanced. Because the core of focus is balance.

E.G. a blonde girl in her early youth, just like homeless reading. This vocation give her a sense of meaning to life and inspiration and virtue. She is not engaged by the worldly matters or the material.

We will become the optimal image of our selves when we conquer and defeat the ego and become Free of Ego. When we love life for hard work and production. Because when we produce, we become happy of our achievement.  This does not mean we live poor and not aim for improving our standards of living, but being in optimal performance and being better human is to achieve everyday and produce regardless. So won’t you become the best version of yourself as Anthony Robbins say Become the Best version of yourself.

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